This year, I’ve been to 3 weddings, with more to follow! I guess I’m at the age where all my friends are getting married- I think 1 year I had 8 weddings! However, 1 of the most memorable ones was definitely my friend, Emma’s. She got married in 2012 and, back in the day, I was still living in Singapore. I actually flew to the UK for her wedding and was really touched when Joe (the groom) mentioned it in his speech! It was a beautiful wedding in the countryside, near the Jurassic Coast, and made even more special by the fact that Emma personally handmade all the wedding favours! She sewed the most amazing, beautiful scented hearts containing lavender potpourri. Now how’s that for sincerity? I wish I had it here to photograph but sadly it’s hanging in my room back home.

Anyway, so even though I’m not getting married, I thought a Wedding DIY round-up would be good- it really helps make the event ever the more special for your guests 🙂 And here are 3 that I think are both beautiful and useful! 🙂

Really Pretty Useful’s scented candles

I’m a huge fan of Diptyque candles- but they cost £40!! Save your guests some money- so they can put it to your wedding gift?! 😛 – and make them these lovely alternatives 🙂 Full tutorial and photo credit  to


Homemade for friend’s Herbal tea

Living in the UK, a nation of tea lovers, tea makes a great gift! And even if you don’t, isn’t it just too pretty to resist? You’d be surprised how much artisan teas are going for these days, so check out the full tutorial (and photo credit) on


Elli’s potpourri favors

And to continue the scented them, we have these gorgeous potpourri jars from Do check out the site for the full tutorial and photo credit 🙂


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