If you grew up in the 90s-00s, and read fashion magazines, La Mer is probably the Holy Grail of beauty to you. Heinously expensive but supposed to be oh-so-good. To make it even better, it even has a real story behind it, and not just marketing drivel! (scientist burns self, scientist spends years looking for cure, scientist invents cream, cream is miracle)


Take 1 (185 Euros)

So I’d always wanted to try it but never felt I could afford it. I was in Germany for work when I finally decided to splurge and test their facial at the Schnitzler beauty lounge. (Breidenbacher Hotel- expensive but recommended). Unfortunately I wasn’t expecting much at that time, so I didn’t take any pictures, but my skin was positively glowing after the facial! I’m usually not the world’s most observant person but the difference was amazing. To top it off, I felt relaxed and positively pampered. Go, La Mer!


Take 2 (185 Euros)

I was so impressed that I promptly booked a 2nd facial for the end of the stay. Alas, that experience was soooo bad- the therapist couldn’t speak English (yes I know I am in Germany but in a salon in a 5-start hotel, I expect more!), just slapped the mask on and left… I was sorely disappointed. If it’s a matter of slapping on a mask, i can do that myself at home! To me, a good facial involves the therapist doing a hand or shoulder massage whilst waiting for the mask to take effect so it doesn’t just feel like a home care/ DIY solution.


Take 3 (SGD 260)

So powerful was the prospect of the radiant skin promised by my 1st La Mer facial that I decided to give it another try, this time at Tangs singapore. The floor devoted to the beauty rooms is great- you have cookies, tea and coffee, magazines to read, the works.

Alas, walking into my designated therapy room, the impression was promptly reversed. Cartons blocking the hallways? Seriously? So unprofessional!

I decided to reserve judgment till after the facial. Interestingly, it was different from the one in Germany- I would have assumed that a luxury brand like La Mer would ensure a consistent experience! Another fail there.

The Singapore La Mer facial started with rocking motions to mimic the motion of the sea. Cute, but I wondered whether they were really effective.

1 hour later, I was feeling quite relaxed (look at the state of the bed!) but sadly my skin did not have the glow it did in Germany 🙁


After the facial, there’s a counter for you to re-apply make-up etc.

20140806_144124You’re also served with cookies, which i thought was a nice touch 🙂



Will I be back?

Nah don’t think so. The Dr Sebagh facials at Liberty London are better. And cheaper!


Written by Zen

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