I’m truly in 2 minds about this DIY… to be honest, I’m not sure it’s good enough to be featured as a tutorial!! In fact, looking at the photo below, the original might even look better than the DIY-ed one. Oh dear! But, that’s only in the photos. In reality, the bling version is definitely nicer 🙂 Anyway, I promised to be honest about my DIY adventures, which means featuring projects that might not QUITE be what I had imagined.

Anyway, I’m always in need of more evening clutches, so at least the DIY-ed version won’t be wasted 🙂 Whileas the original had just languished in my closet for over a year, unused! It was a gift from Clarins when I signed up for a course of treatments. You know how beauty brands often give gifts in pouches? Then you know how they may look OK in pictures but aren’t quite up to the standard of being used outside! So I decided to do a little DIY 🙂

What you need.

  • An old pouch
  • Glue: I used E6000 here
  • Rhinestones- lots & lots of them- in a mix of shapes and colours (crystal/ clear & crystal AB)



Step 1

Apply some glue to the back of the rhinestone and press firmly onto the pouch. If you are worried about the glue seeping through, place some paper inside the pouch (to stop the sides from sticking together) and under it as well.


Glue on more rhinestones. Place the different ones randomly.

Glue some more…

and more….

… and more.

Eventually, you’ll have covered the surface. I think covering the entire front surface of the clutch would make it nicer. However, I wanted one that could be used for day & night so I decided to leave the top untouched. It’s so flash, I recommended pairing it with simple outfits, like a black dress or to dress-up jeans! I’m picturing myself in a white top, blue jean shorts and red sandals when I use this.

What do you think? Was it a waste of my time?!


Written by Zen

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