As you may know, I was lucky enough to have been in the Cotswolds last week for a horse riding camp. (Horse riding is one of the passions of my life but, understanding that not everyone feels about it the way I do, I won’t bore you guys with it here :P) Isn’t this boy cute? I can see the naughty glint in his eye so I’m glad I didn’t ride him- not to mention he’s WAAAAY too small- but practised groundwork with him instead.IMG_4854

Anyway, the camp was an amazing experience and I learnt A Lot, so I really wanted to thank the instructor, Mary Wanless, and what better way than with some handmade cards? (And wine and roses of course!)

What you need for this seriously quick DIY:

  • washi tape
  • coloured paper (I used A5 scrapbooking cardboard stock as I had it lying around but anything will work really)
  • Optional: scrapbook lettering if you wan to print “thanks” on the card (You could also write the words instead but I like the “pop-up” texture of the scrapbook letters.)
IMG_4976 IMG_4977

IMG_4978What you do:

Fold the paper in half then paste the washi tape across the length of the paper. Repeat so you have several lines of washi tape running parallel to each other. Soon enough, you’re done!


Optional: paste the scrapbook letters to form whatever message you want, not necessarily thanks!

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