Do you know, I’ve never worked with washi tape before? Shame on me, being a DIY blogger and all! That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t THINKING about it 😛 Anyway, I thought it was high time to rectify the situation (and also surprise you guys as jewellery tutorial after jewellery tutorial may get repetitive) and experimented with 1 of the ideas I had in mind. Washi-taped pencils!


So I’m sure all of us have a secret stash of hotel stationery. Yes, yes, I’m sure you didn’t steal it 😛 But even without meaning to, we somehow end up with a hoard of them, (legitimately) pocketing 1 to write notes. And, before we know it, 1 has turned into 5! I was pretty lucky that my loot was all in a nice beige colour so even not DIY-ed look decent. However, they did have the hotel logos at the bottom in ugly print, so I thought I’d do something about it  🙂


What you need

Washi tape in a pattern you like

Old pencil that you are tired of looking at

Big bead (optional)


Step 1

Stick the washi tape along the top end of the pencil. Make sure it is straight. As you can see from my picture, you may have little crinkles in the paper- no worries, the beauty of washi tape is you can take it off easily 🙂 Go round the border of the pencil once.


Step 2

Start taping at an angle. Start with a small one at first to avoid too much tape bunching up, but gradually widen the angle.


As you start reaching the bottom, reduce the angle again so that you can end flat against the bottom rim. Tear the tape and flatten. (The tear won’t be visible but if you’re neat, you can use scissors)


Smooth the edges done.

Want more personalisation? Stick a pearl at the top like I did! Just dab some glue onto the top of the pencil and press the pearl done then leave to try. Make sure the pencil is standing up so the pearl doesn’t slide off. (E6000 is quite slow-drying) Alternatively, hold the pearl on for longer, or use a fast-drying glue.


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