Orla Kiely does body lotion? Who knew?! To be honest, I’ve never seen the point of Orla Kiely (or geraniums for that matter)- not that it’s not nice, it just seems too overpriced!


However, when i stayed at Nobis Hotel in Stockholm during my Easter holiday this year, they provided Orla Kiely toiletries (how patriotic) and so I duly tried them. I was skeptical initially as I only knew of Orla Kiely in the context of her textile and fashion design. So a toiletries line seemed like a rather unconvincing attempt to diversify the brand: I imagined that it would be a repackaged generic toiletry. Think Pantene shampoo in an Orla Kiely branded bottle.

Happily, it proved me wrong 🙂 The fragrance of the body lotion was light & refreshing: I was happy to use it in place of perfume. It was light and easily absorbed, so I didn’t feel sticky for the rest of the day- great for summer, but definitely not moisturising enough come the cold and harsh winter… All in all, a 4-star product, I say!

How much would I pay for this body lotion? LOL, well now THAT’s the real question, isn’t it? 🙂 (And, yes, I’m one of the cheapskates who made off with the hotel toiletries 😛 But, hey, it makes a handy-sized hand lotion to pop in my bag!!!)

Written by Zen