Summer in London is a rare, rare thing. So when you actually do get clear skies and sunny weather, rooftop dining is a must and when I got an email about the £30 lunch/ dinner + cocktail promotion that Aqua Nueva was having, I immediately Whatsapped my London besties for a Girls Night Out. Just off Hanover Street, I had high hopes for Aqua Nueva.

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The evening didn’t start too auspiciously. 1 friend had to cancel due to the tube strike and another was pretty late. Luckily for her, my other friend & I (there were supposed to be 4 of us) are often late outselves, so we couldn’t moan and groan at her 😛 We were also starving, so we decided to indulge in some small plates whilst waiting. We ordered:

Potato bravas: a total LETDOWN! The potatoes were meh but everyone knows the magic is in the sauce- which tasted like tomato sauce + chilli. For really tasty potato braves, I highly recommend a restaurant near St. Katherine’s Docks (AMAZING food!- review coming soon)

IMG_4277 IMG_4278 IMG_4277Salted Cod Roe Fritters

Not bad but nothing to write home about. I prefer to save my calories for something better. Especially since I dreamt last night that my friends told me I put on a ton of weight! (Guilty conscience from not gym-ing for the last 2 months :P)

IMG_4279 And saving the best for last, roasted peppers

Yum, 1 of my favourite dishes and well-done here too. But at almost £10, the serving size is pretty small, don’t you think?



The ambience was actually pretty good, if a bit pretentious. You walk into a lobby dedicated just to Aqua Nueva and its sister restaurant, Aqua Kyoto, where a concierge meets you and directs you to the lift. There’s only 1 stop for the lift and when you get out, another concierge meets you.
Since the email was titled “rooftop dining”, we had been very much looking forward to amazing views. However, when we got there, we were told the roof is only for cocktails and we were to be seated inside. OK…… At least it was nice and spacious inside and we got a cool booth seat. Probably due to the fact that they only had 2 other tables besides us! (Tube strike!!) Lighting was dim and “atmospheric” so I imagine it’s a good date place- very flattering lighting 😛


As mentioned, there were barely any diners and a TON of servers. However, they all just stood around chitchatting and never bothered to fill up our water glasses etc. I had to ask more than once just to get a top up!

Would I go back? If someone suggested it, I wouldn’t say no but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Written by Zen

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