I hate, hate, hate using a sewing machine. From what I remember of my Home Economics classes, most of my time was spent trying to change the stupid needle. (Now if the needle changing was automatic, I wouldn’t mind them! Although, who knows, after so many years, maybe they are?!) Not to mention the fact that they take up space, are expensive, and not all of us have them. Which is why you have never seen a tutorial that needs a sewing machine on my blog. (Actually I’m quite lazy so you may not have seen anything that requires sewing either! Why sew when you can glue? :P)

Which is why I’ve rounded up the 3 best No-Sew tutorials that can be found on the crafty web. First up is this AMAZING Neoprene skirt by Geneva of A Pair & A Spare


Copyright, photo credit and full tutorial on http://apairandasparediy.com/2014/08/diy-neoprene-circle-skirt.html#comment-946522

Doesn’t it look amazing? Who could tell that it’s home-made, let alone a #nosew?! I only hope i can come up with pieces as amazing one day 🙂


Next up, is this amazing apron by Sugar & Cloth. Again, copyright, photo credit and full tutorial on http://sugarandcloth.com/2014/09/diy-no-sew-floral-apron-gifts/

I love all the yellow accents. I wish I had more yellow in my wardrobe- it’s such a nice summery colour- but I was once told “yellow (fashion) + yellow (me) don’t go together….”


Finishing up is this turquoise clutch from By Wilma, which is a DIY site that is less in the public eye than the 2 above. I love discovering other up-and-coming/ off-the-beaten-track DIY blogs, don’t youi? (What are some of your faves? Would love to hear!) I think this blue bag would actually go amazingly with the yellow skirt above!!! (Wardrobe envy)

Kudos for the amazing idea and instructions on http://bywilma.com/diy/diy-the-easiest-no-sew-clutch/

And, if you’re interested in the Hapiness Wherever spin on No Sew, check out one of my original DIYs here (you can see it in the photo quality haha)


Disclaimer: I don’t think my DIY is anywhere good enough to be on this list but I promise to work hard(er)! 🙂 I’ve actually dreamt of blogging 2 nights in a row now (!!!).

Written by Zen

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