So here’s where I plan all my craft projects for Hapiness, Wherever 🙂 Don’t you like the desk? I got it from John Lewis cuz I thought a glass top was PERFECT for DIYs- you can put half finished projects/ supplies underneath and not forget about them 🙂 I tend to have at least 10 projects in motion at 1 time ;P



I live on the top floor, so you get an attic view- I like peering over the London rooftops! It was quite a gloomy day when i took this picture- my favourite day for curling up with crisps, chocolate cookies and a good craft project! All that’s missing is a dog 😛


Unfortunately I rent, so it wasn’t possible to build shelves to place all my goods but thanks to 3M’s removable hooks, I managed to create a display for the jewellery I’ve made. What do you think?


In a few months, I’ll be moving again and this place came unfurnished so I don’t have any shelves to put all the beads- trying to stack them as neatly as possible against the wall. It’s OK for now, but I CAN’T WAIT to have everything organised! 🙂

What do your craft rooms look like? I’d love to see! 🙂

IMG_4526 IMG_4502

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Sheridan Johnson

I love your craft room, and I would LOVE if I get one some day! Great ideas!

Hapiness, Everywhere

hahahahah u should have seen it before i cleaned up! (I moved in not too long ago and things just… got out of hand :P) But I find that cleaning it up makes it easier to track projects and work on stuff 🙂


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