Have you ever tried TWG Tea? If not, you should. It’s really good! The  tea is amazingly fragrant and the leaves are lovely. I had a Green tea blend with bits of purple flower in it. Yuuuum. Luckily for me, 1 of my Aunts is a tea-o-phile (tea connoisseur?) and fond of me, so she always gives me the most delicious teas 🙂 These came in a beautiful box which, once I was done with the tea, was screaming for a DIY.

What you need:

  • An old box, duh
  • Some wooden beads
  • Some rhinestone beads: I used plastic instead of Swarovski for this project. Real crystals would be too expensive!!
  • Glue: I used scrapbooking glue instead of E6000 due to my worry about the toxicity of E6000. Moreover, there’s not much wear and tear for this project so a super strong paper glue suffices.

Step 1

Play with the wooden beads & rhinestones till you find an optimum number that can cover the box. For me, that worked into 1 wooden bead and 3 crystal rhinestones. Dont’t worry about covering the box exactly- just make sure the beads can cover most of/the wording on the box. (The uncovered part can serve as a border round the design.)


Step 2

Cover the top of the box with glue. Don’t be stingy!IMG_4435

Step 3

Start sticking the beads on. I decided to do it randomly instead of geometrically. But don’t forget to keep the number for each column consistent (e.g. for me, each column had to have 1 wooden + 3 crystals)IMG_4448

Style credits: green pashmina (beaded by yours truly), necklaces (DIYs by yours truly again), wooden tray (Habitat £20)

You’re reading to start using your new jewellery box! I decided to store beading supplies in mine 😛

Written by Zen