Everyone loves a freebie. I certainly do! But as economists say, there is no free lunch in this world and many freebies are, well… Ugly… Take a look at this notebook from Goldman Sachs! Functional enough, but stylish? Not really!


Luckily, theres’ a DIY for every situation:) For this quick and easy reusing/recycling DIY tutorial, you will need:

  • Notebook
  • old paper, with a pattern you like (I used the wrapping paper that had come with my Mom’s birthday present from Lush. Nice and bright!) This must be at least 2x as long as the Notebook cover.
  • Scissors (Paper cutter is always handy if you have one- luckily I do for all my scrapbooking work 🙂 )
  • Glue

Optional (not shown):

  • ribbon
  • any embellishments (I am using scrapbook lettering but you can always cut out the alphabet from old paper)

Step 1

Cut the wrapping paper into half- this is where the paper cutter comes in handy, helping you keep a straight line. Difficult with just scissors! Place the paper on the floor, pattern side facing down. Apply glue to the top of the notebook cover, making sure to go round the border of the book, then press the cover firmly down onto the paper. Make sure the edge of the paper lines up with the spine of the notebook.

Note: don’t worry about the ragged edges of the tags you see above (right of notebook)- you can fold these away later.


Step 2

Open the notebook. Apply glue to the inside cover of the notebook then fold the paper around the edges of the notebook, as shown above. Press down firmly.

And that’s you done!! However, there is an optional step to make the notebook look better.


Find some old ribbon (or thin paper) and cut it into 2 strips the same length as the notebook. Glue it onto the notebook, next to the spine. This is a little tricky as you need to make sure you glue it onto the notebook only- part of the ribbon will slightly cover the spine- and this part must NOT be glued as it would make opening the notebook tricky.

Basically, apply glue onto half of the ribbon! Now you have a nice new notebook, that can even be given away 🙂 You can embellish further as I did. I was so proud of my notebook I didn’t want anyone to take it accidentally 😛 so I decided to brand it with my name.

Super cheap- and personalised- Paperchase notebook hack yeah? 🙂


Written by Zen

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