PJs: temperamental!

This was a really random find. When you approach/hit/leave your 30s, it’s pretty much wedding season and I was accompanying a friend to a bridal fitting at Philippa Henley (or whatever it’s called- sorry not wedding dress shopping myself so the names tend to roll off me) and we were dying for a bite to eat. PJs happened to be next door 🙂

I ordered the seafood pasta and my friend the fish. I can’t speak for her (though she claims to be happy!) but the pasta was oh-so-good!!! And I’m extremely picky about pasta- it must be not too soft, not too hard, just-right-al-dente 🙂 The seafood was also very fresh (something else I’m fussy about!) My picture definitely does not do it credit! I liked it so much, I went back 2 times but both times were disappointing! It has a 4.3 rating on Google though, so maybe the chef was having an off day?

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20150130_133953 20150130_133948 Hopefully it’s obvious which is the pasta and which the fish 😛


Bumpkin: give it a miss!

20150223_125641Bumpkin was recommended to me by my housing agent when I asked if there were any good restaurants in the hood. The 1st time I went there, I was pleasantly surprised- the fish was relish! Even though British food has improved immensely since I first visited (over 20 years ago), I still associate it with erm… well, I’m sure you know what I’m getting at 😛

Sad to say, the last time I went back (took my Mom when she came to visit), the menu had changed and it was very different from what I had remembered. Both my dish and my Mom’s were bland and uninspiring 🙁 I had chicken, which I am often wary of because most places use chicken breast and make it oh-so-dry. (Why don’t they just go for good ole chicken thigh? Much more tender!) But I decided to give it a go at Bumpkin as it was the healthiest option on the menu and I thought they were up to the challenge. Big mistake. The meat was tough and totally tasteless. Hadn’t the cook heard of salt/ sauce/ herbs???!

My Mom went for a salad, which was meeeh.

The ambience was typical of a gastropub. On the dark side and quite noisy. In addition, the tables are set rather close together, which makes it quite squeezy. Definitely not justified at their price point (about £20 per person)!

Ah well. That’s my last visit there then!

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Hapiness, Everywhere

This was the one on Old Brompton Road 🙂 Maybe I should switch to Sydney Street- the “vietnamese” restaurant Phut Phuc there also has good reviews 🙂 I ordered it for takeout once and it was yum, if not really vietnamese! 🙂 Will check out your blog, always looking for new eating places 🙂


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