20140829_163053You know how most luggages come with bag/ name tags? Well I don’t know about you, but I never use them, because they’re so blah-looking and unhelpful in my opinion. Each luggage tag looks the same and you need to open them to check the name- much easier to just use the ones the airlines give! Nonetheless, I hate throwing things away and so I’ve got quite a few of them piled up. I came across them whilst spring cleaning and decided to challenge myself to think of a DIY luggage tag project that I’d actually use 🙂 Let me know what you think! 🙂

20140829_163155What you need:

– E6000

I recommend E6000 for this project as it doesn’t set immediately and you have time to adjust the position of the studs if you wish

– luggage tag

– studs (I used almost 70 studs (8mm in diameter) for a Rimowa tag

Step 1 & only:

Remove the leather hook so that the tag can lie flat on the table. Apply glue to the base of the stud then stick onto the luggage tag. I recommend sticking the studs around the perimeter first to make sure that your proportions are correct (so that you don’t end up with too large or too small an empty space at the other side). The longer drying time of the E6000 and its clear-drying properties means that you still have time to make any necessary adjustments.

After you’ve filled the perimeter, leave to dry for 15 minutes then fill out the middle (this makes sure that the border studs are slightly more set and you don’t accidentally knock them out of position)

I prefer a more haphazard look where the the space between each stud is approximate and doesn’t look as neat as a machine made tag would look. (Those little errors are part of the fun of handmade projects don’t you think?) However, if you like a cleaner finish, simply use a ruler to mark out the position of the top/ bottom of each stud before you start gluing them on.

Ta-dah!! I’m quite pleased with the results of this project- ready to be hung on a luggage or bag! Going on a long-haul flight next week so we can test-run it to see if the project is hardy enough to survive intact 🙂


Written by Zen



this looks cool> I am flying to Europe early this month and it will be useful to make it for my trip.

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