Strolling along Kings Road is one of my favourite things to do on a lazy Sunday morning and Anthropologie is the store that I always have to stop at. I’ve never bought anything- too expensive!- but it’s great for a wander and a bout of inspiration 🙂

What you need:

– pliers & wire cutters

– approximately 1.5m of silver-coloured chain (I’ve used aluminium chain here for its specific colour & the fact that it doesn’t tarnish is a big help in humid countries like Singapore!)

– black copper wire

– 2 yellow-coloured howlite flat beads

– about 20 blue titanium quartz beads (I bought mine from efordiy on Etsy and was rather satisfied with the service) – ignore the clasp! I decided to save on them since the necklace was long enough to go over my head! 20140703_175511

Step 1: Divide it

Line up your chain in 3 equal lengths.

20140703_174929 20140703_175347

Step 2: Thread them Thread all the titanium quartz beads onto the black wire. Once they’re all on, use your pliers to form closed round hoops at both ends of the wire.  



Step 3: More Threading

Thread the yellow bead onto the wire and use your pliers to form a loop at the end of the wire. Before you close the loop, hook it onto the loop at the end of the blue titanium quartz strand. Once the howlite bead is attached to the titanium quartz beads, snip off the excess wire and make a hoop at the other end of the howlite bead. Insert the ends of the 3 metal chains into this hoop, then close it.

Repeat for the other side, find a nice outfit and you’re ready for your weekend 🙂


Written by Zen



I love this! The beads you chose are amazing! I wish there was an Anthropologie store were I live but I’m always checking their jewelry online!


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