You don’t have to be a DIY-a-holic to realise that agate geodes are hot these days. From the colourful Pink Powder jewelry to the masses of geode tutorials flooding the Internet, druzy & geode jewelry is everywhere. And just in case you’re new to the whole DIY thing, I’ve come up with the perfect 5 minute tutorial for you! 🙂


What you need: 

– geode with hole in centre

I got mine in Edinburgh- isn’t it sweet? I love buying beads when travelling- had this for over 10 years!! Still looks as good as new 😉

– 2 gold chains of equal length, 24 inches in length each

– pliers


20140825_145354Step 1: Thread it

Thread both chains through the hole in the geode.


 Step 2: Open it 

Use your pliers to open the last link on 1 of the chains


Step 3: Bunch it up 

Then insert the other 3 ends of the chains through that link and close it tightly

Can you believe you’re done?! The necklace can even be worn in 2 (subtly different) ways- in fact, the difference is so subtle I’m not sure if you can spot it! 🙂

20140825_145734 20140825_145802

Stylish & simple

But if you prefer something more chunky…


What you need:

– pliers

– 3 flat agate geodes (with a hole at the top of each of them)

– 5 large gold-coloured jump rings

– 1 gold-coloured clasp

– 21.5 inches/ 54 cm of gold-coloured chain with large links

– 24 inches/ 60 cm of  gold-coloured chain with medium-sized links

20140825_152836Step 1: Ring it

Use the pliers to open 1 jump ring, insert the ends of both chains and the clasp through, then close the jump ring.

20140825_153053Step 2: Ring it again

Use the pliers to open another jump ring, insert the other end of both chains through and close the ring.

20140825_153236Step 3: Fold & attach

Fold the longer chain (the one with the smaller links) into half and make a note of the middle link. Use the pliers to open a jump ring and thread the middle link and the largest agate geode through. Close the jump ring.

Step 4 (below): Attach it again

Open another jump ring. Count 7 links left from the middle link, then thread the 8th link through the jump ring along with 1 agate geode. Close the jump ring.

Repeat this for the right side and you’re finished! Straight off the runway if you ask me 😉

20140825_153423 20140825_154140

Written by Zen



Of course! I love amethyst the most, but I haven’t had much luck finding geodes. I think the best place to go is the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. They sell geodes for cheap!

Hapiness, Everywhere

Oh you could totally DIY it using FIMO!! 🙂 I will do a tutorial on how to make your own geode once I’ve had time to pop into the shop for the clay 🙂 If I ever go to Seattle, I’ll be sure to check Pacific Science Center out! 🙂


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