Beach holiday tasselled necklaces

1 September may have come and gone, but there are still some sunny days left. Make the most of it and hit the beach with these cute and colourful long necklaces!


What you need:

  • strand of colourful glass beads
  • gold filigree charm
  • 1 pearl
  • 1 tassel
  • 2 crimp beads
  • 1 roundpin
  • Pliers
IMG_5659 IMG_5660

Step 1:

OK, the correct thing to do would be to re-string the glass beads, but I’m always up for a good craft hack. So, IF your glass beads are strung on a quality string- give it a tug to make sure the string doesn’t break- slide on a crimp bead then thread the sting through the centre of the filigree piece. Loop the string back into the crimp and flatten with pliers.

Repeat at the other end of the glass beads,

IMG_5662 IMG_5664

Step 2:

Slide the pearl onto the headpin, then make a loop at the base of the bead. Thread the tassel on, cut the excess wire off then close the loop with the pliers.


Step 3

Open the loop at the top of the pearl and slide the filigree charm through, then close the loop tightly. All done, in 5 minutes!


OK. I’m going to stop now. Think 3 of these are more than enough!

Flowers & tassels

Combining 2 of my design motifs here to make a resort-chic necklace.


What you need:

– 4 tassels

I chose black to contrast with the white flowers, but it’s really a matter of personal preference. If you can’t find tassels in your local craft store, you can make them yourself and save a ton- there are quite a few good tutorials on the Internet- will do a post with links to some soon πŸ™‚

– 4 gold filigree tear-drop charms

– 4 white roses

– 10 gold-coloured jump rings

– 1 gold-coloured lobster clasp

– 1 gold-coloured chain with medium links, about 50 cm long

– pliers & E6000

20140825_151136Step 1: Ring it

Use the pliers to open 1 jump ring, and insert 1 charm and 1 tassel through. Close tightly. Repeat for all 4 charms/ tassels.

20140825_151425Β 20140825_151443-1Step 2: Glue it

Turn the white roses over and apply some E6000 to the base of each one. Press the gold charm onto the white rose. You can line up the border of the charm Β with the bottom of the white rose as a position guide. Repeat for all 4 roses.

Yes, E6000 passes the test! After the glue had dried, I threw the charm around a couple of times and the rose didn’t budge! Note: you CAN peel the rose off the charm if you try hard enough but I’m pretty certain it won’t fall off with everyday use.


Step 3: Halve it

Fold the chain exactly in half and single out the middle link. If you are afraid you’ll lose track of it, insert a safety pin through to mark it.

Step 4: Ring it again & again & again

Whilst waiting for the glue to dry, count 4 links left from the middle link of the chain. Once dried, use the pliers to open a jump ring, threadΒ that 4th link & 1 tasseled charm through then close the ring. Count 9 links (4 left links + 4 right links + 1 middle link = 9 links) left again and repeat.

Repeat for the right side: count 4 links right and hook onΒ 1 tasseled charm through. Then hook the last charm 9 links down,

20140825_15152920140825_151627-1Β Step 5: End it

Use the pliers to attach 1 jump ring & 1 lobster clasp to 1 end of the chain.

Attach the last jump ring to the other end and you’re done! πŸ™‚

Hope this necklace proves as popular as the earrings πŸ˜‰


Colourful tasselled earrings


I was originally planning on a long necklace tutorial (another Downton Abbey inspired piece) but realised I didn’t have the right type of chain for it. And unfortunately I’m finding Season 5 rather slow-going so I decided to multi-task with another tasselled DIY tutorial πŸ™‚

What you need:

– 3 pairs of tassels in matching colours (so 6 in total)

– 4 large jump rings and 2 small ones (i have only shown 2 in the picture)

– 2 tear shaped shells (if you can’t get 1 with holes in it, you can make your holes with a reamer- it’s not guaranteed that the shell won’t break though so be gentle!)

– 1 pair of earring hooks

– plier


Step 1:

Open 1 large jump ring with the pliers and slip it through the bottom hole of the shell, then slip in 3 tassels (1 of each colour) before closing tightly.20140929_010200

Step 2:

Open another large jump ring and insert it into the top hole along with 1 closed small jump ring and fasten tightly.


Step 3:

Open the earring hook and slip through the small jump ring. Close tightly and you’re done!

Now you just need to make the other side πŸ™‚

I was wondering if I should make the shell more colourful but then I thought a neutral (ish) piece wouldn’t go amiss πŸ™‚ what do you think? Is something missing from it? πŸ™‚


P.S. I later felt something was missing, so went on to add some filigree and rhinestones. Which version do you prefer? Check out the upcycled one!



It’s been a bit of tassel-mania on hapinesswherever. So far we have done tasselled earrings, tassel necklaces, tassel bracelets and, now, a tassel bag charm. When will all the tassel DIYs stop? Probably when I run out of tassel charms :p


What you need:

– 3 matching tassels

– 1 old key (great way to upcycle all those hotel keys you forgot to return and never got round to throwinf away)

– 1 charm (as a horse addict, I chose this unicorn charm)

– 5 jump rings

– about 5 cm of thick gold chain

– 8 cm of gold cord

– pliers and scissors (you can also use wire cutters as I did :p)

20141002_101747 20141002_101852

Step 1:

Use the pliers to open a jump ring, slide the key through and attach it to the last link of the gold chain. Open another jump ring and attach the unicorn (or whatever you chose) charm to the same link.


Β Step 2:

Again use the pliers to open another jump ring, this time to attach 1 tassel to the same link.


Step 3:

Finally we can move on :p use another jump ring to attach a 2nd tassel to the middle of the gold chain.


Step 4:

And lastly, attach the 3rd tassel to the top link. Slip the gold cord through and tie a ribbon to hook it onto your bag of the day πŸ™‚


step 4:

And lastly, attach the 3rd tassel!

Rainbow Tassel bracelets

This is a super easy DIY, even if you’ve never made jewelry before, you’ll have no problem πŸ™‚ and the supplies are easy to get too πŸ™‚


What you need:

– tassel (if you can’t get one at your local craft store, they are easy to make)

– 16 round beads: any colourful round beads would work but I prefer wooden ones as they are light

– elastic thread


All you need to do:

thread the wooden beads and the tassel onto the elastic then secure with (at least) 2 knots. Snip off the excess thread and head out to show them off!


Written by Zen



I love these diys tassels , necklaces, etc in particular the beach holiday tasselled necklaces which can be matched with any simple dress or top. keep up the good work 1


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