20140919_233301What you need:

– pliers & cutter pliers

– 2 small round pearls

– 4 silver butterflies

– 2 flat mother of pearl oval beads

– 2 eyepins

– 2 headpins

– pair of earring hooks

20140919_233351 20140919_233457

Step 1: thread & hook

Thread 1 butterfly, 1 pearl then 1 butterfly (in a direction opposite to the 1st butterfly) onto the eyepin. Form a hoop at the end of the eyepin. Before closing it with the pliers, insert 1 earring hook through.

20140919_233524Step 2: thread & link

Thread the oval bead through the headpin, form a loop at the top of the oval with the pliers. Before closing, thread Step 1 through (you may need to cut off the excess wire).

Another earring for your collection 🙂 in case you’ve not figured it out, I’m definitely an earring girl 🙂


Written by Zen

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