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Neon pink earrings

20140924_140507  The blog’s been looking a bit stark with all the black and silver DIYs so I thought I’d do something colourful for a change. It’s also a great way to use up any leftover charms you may have!

What you need:

– 2 leftover silver charms

– 2 eyepins

– 1 pair of earring hooks

– 8 neon pink beads (popularised by Swarovski but there are good quality similar beads in many craft stores now)20140924_140559

Step 1: thread it

Thread 4 pink beads onto 1 eyepin then make a loop at the end. Insert the charm onto the loop the close with the pliers as shown below.20140924_141006 20140924_140753

Step 2: hook it

Open the existing loop on the eyepin (at the other end), insert the earring hook on then tighten the loop.

Repeat with the other charms you have!



Lucky Chinese earrings

So-called because 1 side of the cinnabar (the red) beads have the word 福 on them- the Chinese word for luck and prosperity! If you’re very observant, you may have noticed that 福 is inverted on the earrings- this play on the fact that the words for “upside down” and “arrival” in Mandarin Chinese sound the same is commonly seen during the lunar New Year. I love word play, don’t you? 🙂


What you need:

1. 2 turquoise tear shaped beads

1. 2 red cinnabar beads

3. 4 headpins

4. 2 earring hooks

5. Pliers

6. Cutter pliers

You can get them at most craft shops- although probably not the exact same cinnabar beads! Still, the fun of DIY is making the project your own, don’t you think? 🙂


1. Thread the turquoise bead on the headpin and make a hook at the end of the pin (Bend the excess wire 90 degrees to the left then use your finger/pliers to bend the end back to the right to form a small loop.)

Tip: 1 of the keys to quick projects is choosing the right supplies- make sure the hole goes vertically through the tear shaped bead (from the fatter to the pointed end) instead of going through it horizontally (as you wouldn’t be able to use a headpin in this case!)


2. Insert the round end of the headpin into the hook you’ve formed before tightening the hook.


3. Insert the red cinnabar bead onto the headpin. Use the excess wire to form a loop, insert the earring hook through theb close the loop.

You can vary the number of cinnabar beads to change the look of the earrings!

20140728_044955 20140728_044631


Colourful spiked earrings


It’s been a while since my last DIY post as I’ve been away in the South of France (lucky me! :)) and I’ve yet to perfect the art of a DIY travel kit! So today you’ll be seeing a flurry of posts 🙂

For this project, you’ll need:

– 4 colour spikes: I’ve chosen 4 different coloured ones as I love bright and cheerful looks 🙂 you can choose 4 of the same colour or 2 pairs of different colours if you prefer something more conventional

20140919_093228 20140919_093318 20140919_093425

Step 1: Ring it

Use your pliers to open a jump ring then slip 1 spike and 1 end of a chain through. Close the ring tightly. Repeat for the other 3 spikes and the other 3 ends of the chains.20140919_094124-1


Step 2: Hook it

Pick up a link about 60% of the way in the chain. Make sure you mark that link. Use your pliers to open the earring hook and slip that link through then tighten the hook.

Repeat for the other side: you can either approximate the same position as I did (and doesn’t it look even :)) or you can count the number of links to get it exactly correct)

And you’re done 🙂


Written by Zen

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