Morrocan silver earrings

Wandering around the little alleys of a souk in Marrakech, I saw these amazing silver earrings. Alas, at 40 pounds, waaaay more than I wanted to pay! So I decided make something similar myself at a fraction of the cost- should have gotten a pic of it so you can compare n contrast but I felt bad to take a picture when not buying!!

20140727_101317 What you need:

– 2 earring hooks

– 2 headpins

– 2 silver beads

– 2 bead caps

– pliers

– cutter pliers

20140727_101332 20140727_101343

1. Insert the silver bead then the bead cap (wide end first) onto the bead cap.


20140727_101437-1 20140727_101602-1

2. Make a hook at the end- steps.shown above. Insert the earring hook into the headpin hook then tighten the headpin hook with your pliers.

3. Repeat for the other side and you have an elegant pair of earrings. Aren’t bead caps handy?



Salvaged Silver Earrings

I almost binned this project. Made it some time back, but the shape looked  a bit weird to me and so I left it hanging on my lampshade instead of featuring it on the blog. Maybe it’s because I’ve been staring at it for some time now, but it actually looks quite nice to me now and so I decided to upload it 🙂 Hope you guys like it too 🙂

What you need:

– pliers & cutters

– 4 silver disks (large)

– 6 silver spikes

– pair of earring hooks

– 2 large jump ring

– 2 eyepins

20141019_120157 20141019_120303

Step 1:

Slide 2 silver disks on 1 eye pin then form a hoop at the end using the pliers. (If necessary, use the cutters to remove excess wire) Insert the earring hook onto the hoop then close tightly with the pliers.

20141019_120342 20141019_120404

Step 2:

Use the pliers to open the jump ring, loop 3 spikes through it followed by the bottom hoop of the eye pin from Step 1. Close with the pliers, and voila, a pair of maybe stylish, maybe weird earrings- depends on whether you agreed with my initial thoughts on these earrings 🙂



Black & silver Earrings


Having professed my love of chain jewelry- and having some chains left over from the last tutorial!- I decided it was time for a pair of simple chain earrings.

What you need:

– leftover black chain, divided into 2 unequal lengths

– leftover silver chain, similarly divided

– 1 pair of earring hooks

– pliers20140924_124807

Step 1:

Use your pliers to open the last link of the black chain, slot the earring hook through then close tightly.



Step 2:

Open the other end of the black chain, insert the silver chain through and close. If your silver chain is as thick as mine, you’ll need to open the link wiiiide.

Repeat for the other side. But you’re not done! Unless you have some uber black chain, chances are you would have scrapped off some of the black coating with your pliers so use a black permanent marker (sharpie?!) To repair the damage.

Tip: or you could cover your pliers in felt so as not to damage the chain

And NOW you’re done 🙂




Silver butterfly earrings


Another pair of silver earrings…. 1 day I will have to do a post on all the jewelry I have made, spoilt for choice when I go out now! 🙂

What you need:

– 6 silver hoops

– 4 silver jump rings

– 1 pair of earring hoops

– 2 headpins

– 2 silver butterfly charms

– oh and a pair of pliers of course!

20140928_220529 20140928_220559-1

Step 1:

Use the pliers to open a jump ring, slip 2 hoops through then close tightly. Use a 2nd jump ring to attach a 3rd circle to the chain.


Step 2:

Use the pliers to open the hoop at the end of the earring hook and attach to the top hoop. (Do not use a jump ring to attach as this would make the hoops face sideways instead of forward)




Step 3:

Slide the butterfly through the headpin, make a loop at the top and attach to the bottom hoop. Tighten, admire, repeat (for the other side!) 🙂



Simply Silver Earrings


Silver jewelry seems to have become the bread and butter of this blog so to speak :p probably because i just invested in 3 huge bags of silver beads! You can only work with what you’ve got eh? 🙂

So here’s what you’ll need for this tutorial:

– 12 silver disk shaped beads

– 2 oval silver beads

– 2 eyepins

– 2 headpins

– 1 pair of earring hooks

– pliers & cutter pliers



20140928_163629 20140928_16373220140928_163812 20140928_163851

Step 1:

Insert 6 silver disks onto the eyepin then make a hook at the end. Before closing with the pliers, slip the earring hook through then tighten.



20140928_163911 20140928_163949

Step 2:

Thread the oval bead through the headpin. Push it right to the end, then make a hook at the top. Insert the part from step 1 through then close tightly. You may need to cut off excess wire with your pliers.


And you’re done! An easy to wear, versatile pair of silver earrings that goes with everything 🙂IMG_4750








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