All Saints is one of my favourite brands (but their items are usually too expensive for me 🙁 )- I love how even their clothing tags have “special” safety pins to attach them to the clothes! Their industrial look seemed ideally suited to a Tom Binns inspired DIY so here goes 🙂

What u need:

– 2 safety pins, if possible All Saints ones

– 4 pearls

– 4 rhinestones

– 2 earring stud backs

– E6000 20141002_091649 Step 1: Open the safety pin and slide 2 pearls down before securing it. (This is actually a great way to widen the holes in pearls if they are too small for your thread)20141002_091833 Step 2: Apply E6000 generously to the bottom of each safety pin then press a rhinestone firmly down. Leave to dry.20141002_101442 Step 4: More glue, this time onto the earring stud and press the top of the safety pin on it. Leave to dry then apply more glue before sticking another rhinestone on. Ta-dah! Although now I wonder if I should have used 2 different sizes for the rhinestones. What do you think?


Written by Zen