Growing up with a single parent, you get used to thrifting and soon develop pack rat tendencies πŸ˜› Is it embarrassing to admit I still have clothes from my pre-teen years? (We bought them big!) Now, we can afford to thrift a bit less πŸ˜› but I still love reusing stuff. Waste not, want not after all.

1 of the items I HATE 2 throw out are old glass containers but after a while there are only so many clear jars you want. So here’s a quick DIYΒ I did with old lava cake containers (yup these chocolate cakes come with actual glass jars- great deal! I love Guu.)


What you need:

– any clear glass jar

– any ribbon that can go around the container with a few cm to spare (the brown one is upcycled from a Hermes box!)

– rose with flat back

– E6000


Step 1: glue it

Apply E6000 generously along the entire length of the ribbon then stick it onto the jar. Make sure the ends line up well.

Leave to dry for an hour before moving on to step 2.

Tip: if the glue doesn’t stick well, sandpaper the jar a bit. E6000 works better on rough surfaces. Also, make sure you work in a well-ventilated area as E6000 smells strong and is toxic πŸ™


Step 2: more glue

Place the rose with the flat back facing up then add glue to the back and stick it on the ribbon. Place it where the ribbon ends to hide the ending. Leave yo dry.


Step 3: make a couple more! πŸ™‚


Print of a handrawn illustration by the uber talented artist Maria Sole of VolpineΒ 

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Written by Zen


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