“What do you do everyday?” is a question I’ve been getting a lot lately.

Come to think of it, people have been asking me that all my life! Somehow people always seem to think I do nothing but loll around all day- even when I had a full time office job… The question used to annoy me, as it was delivered with a spoonful of patronising. But today I think it’s a worthwhile question and I thought I’d give you some insight into the life of a blogger 🙂 Not quite full time (yet?!) as I’m not actually earning anything but as a resident of the Land of the Aspiring Entrepreneurs, I’m pretty much at it (almost) every waking second (and dreaming one too.)

Is it weird that I dreamt about my blog 3 nights in a row this week? Maybe it’s a sign that I need to unplug the computer…


Saturday: Blogger’s Festival

Excluding the Nu Skin event and the #bloggershouse dinner that Laura of Heroine in Heels had organised, this was my 1st bloggers event so I was pretty excited! I don’t think attending blogger events will ever get old, but ask me again in 2 years 🙂


Sadly I won’t be able to join the Bloggers House- basically a house full of strangers flatting together with (possibly nothing but) blogging in common. Big Brother for Bloggers?!- as my flat hunt is on a different schedule from the other girls. It’s such an amazing and fun initiative though and one I would have loved to be part of.

Here’s a re-cap of the amazing night.


The lovely folks at Scarlets took amazing care of us- check out cocktails they brought us! It’s fun being a blogger!  


Maddi from a Life Passport was game enough to try the blue concoction.


The starter special of the day was Baked Camembert and it was served nice, hot and oozing. Yuuuuuuum.


I hardly order cooked salmon – I like it raw!- but I’d just eaten 2 hours before the dinner and wanted something light. (Yes, 2 courses is light for me….) Surprisingly, it was pretty good. I really liked the grilled asparagus and beans in the salad. Tasty, crunchy and healthy!

3 days later, it was Bloggersfestival. I decided to wear the Dannijo-esque necklace I had previously made.


Pearls + black lace? (Sandro top) = Aspiring fashionista! 🙂


Putting the finishing touches on my make-up.


In corporate world, I hated networking. But somehow, with blogging, I loved it. Getting to know other bloggers is, well, fun! I’ve already been canvassing the London Bloggers Facebook group to organise Day Trips from London, Crafternoons, Afternoon Teas… you name it!


BloggersFestival was held at the Conrad in London- I didn’t even know London had a Conrad Hotel- and felt Rather Important walking in! 😛


Look at all those goodies! My Mom is definitely more on-board the blogging train after seeing those! 😛


Sunday: Blog Stock Festival

Except, I was too sick to go. £100 down the drain!! 🙁

Planned my posts for the upcoming week.


Going through the materials sent to me by Kernow Craft & Beadmixer and planning DIYs


Finished a tutorial for CT Magazine- it’ll be the first time a Hapiness, Wherever tutorial will be featured in the press. Excited!!!


Liked what I made so much I wore it to…

Monday: Blogger London Fashion Week


It’s my 1st time at a Fashion Show! I LOVE how this model plays with the dress. And her cheekbones are, to-die-for!


Backstage with the models & designer


No introduction needed, surely? 😛


Little Ondine nail polish. Apparently you can peel it off and it has no chemicals. Sounds amazing to me! I’d love to try it! 


The ultimate luxury- custom made lingerie! Meeting the creative genius behind withlovelilly.bigcarel.com



I love having candles burning round the house & scenting the air. My go-to is usually Diptyque but I love trying new brands such as British candlemaker Maison Ves at #BLFW- it’s very in touch with modern culture and capitalising on the #hashtag culture. All candles are crafted for specific occasions, with their own hashtags.


Skyping with my Mom & showing her the loot.


My feet were killing me after #BLFW so Tammy & I stopped by Mondrian @Sea Container for lunch. Yuuuum


Good choice, since it provided me with my favourite Instagram pic (@zenofhapinesswherever) – the photo was almost worth the (tiramisu) calories…


Tuesday: It’s my birthday till I say it’s over 😛

Some friends kindly took me out for lunch & dinner! Wahaca & Bar Shu. Mmmmmmmm….! Interspersed with browsing at Liberty’s, trying to get good shots for my Instagram account.



Wednesday: Where DIY meets the runway


Doing DIYs for London Fashion Week. We got front row seats so the pressure is on! If I need to appear in Clothing Rags, at least my jewelry will be ah-may-zing! 😛



Thursday: Riding!!

Once upon a time, I rode 5 times a week. In my new life in London, I’m lucky to go once. But absence makes the heart fonder. At least it makes mine- Not sure how Harvey feels!



Friday: Charlotte Olympia Fall 2015

IMG_5608Charlotte Olympia. Maddox Street, Mayfair, London. Do you know I don’t own a pair of Charlotte Olympias? Maybe it’s time for Shoe #59. Once I get a pay check!


Kept up with the #BLFW dress code of all black but glammed it up with gold bracelets and necklace- DIY, of course 🙂



New collection


Previewing the Charlotte Olympia Fall 2105 Collection, complete with champagne.


& macarons. What is life, without macarons? #justanotherdayinthelifeofablogger

And it’s a good one too 🙂

Written by Zen


Scott Danzig

Very fancy macarons. And yes, networking is much different when people are in it NOT for the money. I think it’s similar for coffee shop owners, indie filmmakers, artists, etc. Blogging certainly fits the bill. Especially when drunk.

Karina - Letters of Transit

How do you go about finding blogger events to attend? I know you’re in the UK and I am in the US, but I don’t even have a clue of where to start searching for blogger events or how to network with other bloggers. Great post by the way, it’s really inspiring to a beginner blogger like myself 🙂


Hi Karina, glad to hear you enjoyed the post 🙂 I find them in a few ways- google (e.g. “london blogger events”) and through Facebook (there are usually location specific groups – you can join them and they will advertise the events). Once you find the first one, the rest come along 🙂 A lot of my events are not blogger specific too- i just choose ones i find interesting for the blog 🙂 Hope this helps you 🙂 Let me know when you find your first one! 🙂 Off to visit your blog now 🙂

Lace + Bobble

I stumbled across your blog when I was looking for inspiration to get going with mine again – I struggle to get a routine. I love the variety of posts on your blog and this post was really useful. Thanks for sharing 🙂


Thanks Bobbie! (or lace!?) Glad I could help 🙂 Look forward to seeing you get yours going again! 🙂

Irina Vakulchik

I’m in one of your blogging Facebook groups and I am a homeschool mommy of 4. I would love to share what a day or week looks like for a homeschool blogger.


Awesome! I’ll get in touch over the next week or so 🙂 Exciting!!! I have no kids so love to find out more about what a homeschooling mommy blogger does 🙂

Taylor's Tracks

Hey girl! I found this post through Drifter’s Unite, I’m a travel blogger if you’re still looking for someone to participate in the series! My blog is taylorstracks.com if you wanna check it out!


Thanks Taylor, will definitely check it out and would love to have u participate 🙂 Will be in touch over the week 😉


Hey great to see how your blogging week went! We absolutely love to contribute our weekly routine too! We are travel bloggers and at the end of this week we will be venturing from Croatia to Montenegro to Kosovo and then ending up in Macedonia. So our routine may be a little different than yours 😉


OOoh that would be awesome- I think it’d be a really interesting read! 🙂 I’ll get in touch over the next week as I firm the schedule up 🙂 Thanks! 🙂


Love reading how other bloggers spend their time- and jealous since I haven’t rode a horse in forever! I’d love to participate in the series- I’m an art instructor/business owner/blogger/mountain biker/Mommy!


Great post Zen! I am certainly going to take a leave out of your book and starting sharing more around my blog, starting with ‘blogtoberchallenge’ x


Looks like a great week, and your so right, life without macaroons would be a sad place indeed. I would love to be a full time blogger, but sadly working full time I struggle to get to half of the events I’d love to be able to attend. Maybe one day. And hopefully one day soon you’ll be able to make blogging a career, we all just need to have faith and believe in ourselves 🙂
Gem x x x


All the best on your journey to full time blogging 🙂 It’ll be interesting to read about a blogger with a full time job 🙂


Cool! It’s be fascinating to find out what a blogger with multiple blogs does 🙂 I only have 1 and I find it busy enough! 😛


It was fun to see a day in the life of a fellow blogger. It is amazing how different we all are and yet we can connect so easily. I agree networking with other bloggers is totally different (and lot more fun) than corporate networking. I would be happy to a part of your Day In The Life series! As a lifestyle blogger with a full time PR Marketing job and a toddler mine is a little different 🙂 http://thenomadmomma.com/


will definitely be in touch with you Ashley 🙂 interesting how a lot of bloggers are in marketing 🙂


Let's chat! :)