I used to think that everyone had cellulite – just look at photos of all the celebs on the beach!- but, nope, there are some really lucky people out there. I was whining about it to a friend when she looked really blank and went “What does cellulite look like?!”
Oh, the world is unfair (yes, a very first century gripe :p )!


Anyway, inspired by the thought that maybe it is possible to be cellulite-free (and totally discounting diet and genes!), I decided to take the easy way out and try out some of these so-called cellulite busters.

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control


I’d heard amazing reviews about this for years- 1 magazine reviewer even claimed to have lost inches from just ONE session at the Clarins spa using this product! Hmmm… I’ve tried that treatment but not seen the same result! I guess that’s why you have bloggers- to tell you the truth! 🙂

According to the Clarins website, “cellulite is effectively diminished, skin is toned and firm, the body is streamlined and appears rejuvenated.’ It even appears “scientific”- a patent is pending! But at the end of 1 bottle, I didn’t notice any difference in my legs.

Pet peeves

The process is such a pain. There are a series of steps that you need to follow- methods of massaging the product in- which apparently guarantee “best results”.  Serious who has the time to do all that in the morning?! But since Ibiza was looming, I bit the bullet and did it. Sadly, all for nothing!

What I liked about it

I typically hate applying creams because they feel all sticky- especially in summer! However, I must admit that this lotion is absorbed really well into the skin, and leaves you with a  chill, tingling sensation. I actually enjoyed using it when the weather was hot as it helped cool me down!

Would I use it again? If I have budget, yes, but I’d probably be lazy and skip all the massage steps! 😛

Talika Slim Serum Photo-Beauty Therapy


In my desperation to cull my cellulite, when I had some Krisflyer vouchers (vouchers for shopping on board Singapore airlines), I decided to get the Talika Slim Serum. I wasn’t very familiar with the brand but vaguely remembered it getting good reviews for its eyelash serum and thought, hey maybe the slimming one would work too! (Without said vouchers, according to a quick Google search, it’d set you back about £33. I’m not posting a link of where you can get it from as I didn’t recognise any of the sites that came up so have no clue how credible they are.)

Here’s what it claims to do:

“Talika Slim Serum is a revolutionary slimming treatment which transforms released fat into cellular energy.

This topical advanced treatment helps to increase the effect of Talika’s Light X Slim (sold separately) and is inspired by Photo Beauty Therapy which transforms light energy into cellular energy to tone and firm the skin….. activated by natural light … reduce fat and prevent new fats from forming…eliminate excess water, toxins and fatty cells… diminish the orange peel effect of cellulite. Within 6 weeks, Slim Serum leaves the skin up to 79% firmer, 93% more toned and 86% more hydrated with the appearance of cellulite reduced by 73%.”

My thoughts

OMG the SMELL! It smelt like burnt rubber!!! I don’t know about you guys but if something doesn’t smell good, it should at least be odourless. To top it off, I didn’t even see any results with this serum. Although having read the blurb above, it could be because I used it at night (a strategic choice due to the… odour…) i.e. no natural light (it can also be activated by some Talika device, but my box only came with serum)… In my defence, there were no instructions on the tube (that seems pretty stupid if you ask me!). So MAYBE if you use it during the day, you would see a difference. But I don’t like the product enough to try again- I would honestly feel self-conscious smelling like it during the day time. However, if Talika ever felt like sending me 1 to review properly, I would give it another thought 😛

Do I recommend it?

No. Unless you like smelling bad?


Other cellulite treatments I tried

Power Plate- would you believe it’s been so long since I hit the gym that I actually forgot what this was called and had to look it up?! It’s rather scientific in basis- developed by the Russian space program, though admittedly not for cellulite!- and I did find that I got a bit thinner doing it 3x a week (30 min/ session).  Sadly, the fat went but not the cellulite.
Pro Skins- raved over by Danni Minogue, they cost £60 a pop! But I was desperate. Again, no difference to the cellulite but they were rather flattering leggings!


Maybe I should just accept my fate (and age)!

Written by Zen



Well, I really like to smell like burnt rubber too bad! Kidding. Great review & thanks for the heads up. I was always told to drink water for cellulite, but I drink water all day & I still can’t get rid of it. I exercise like crazy! I’ll have to try this Clarins. Love, Lisa

Hapiness, Everywhere

Hahaha, no problem 🙂 Let me know how you find Clarins 🙂 I drink tons of water too but no luck 🙁 Powerplate classes and Proskins have also been recommended as cellulite busters, but I personally haven’t found them useful- although Powerplate is an excellent workout! 🙂


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