There are a number of craft hacks out there. E6000 is one and Sharpies are another. I’d previously held off buying Sharpie markers till I found some income but recently caved. And they’ve been amazing! Here are 4 easy yet stylish projects you can use these amazing pens.

I held off from buying 1- now I have 3! Typical…

Project 1: Upcycle plastic tubes into gold tubular beads!

If you’ve ever bought any strands of gemstones, you’ll know some of them come with plastic tubes in between the stones to protect the stones (and give you less value for your money :P) It’s always seemed such a shame to ditch those tubes so I decided to use my Sharpies to repurpose them into gold link beads 🙂 Just colour them, all over and leave to dry!


Project 2: Gold border

Gold gives everything that upmarket look and you can see it all over the Crafterverse these days. Gold jewellery dishes, gold planters, gold make-up brush holders…. An easy way to give your stuff a gold make-over is by using these gold Sharpie markers to paint on an outline.

See how much more interesting these blue howlite beads look after I outlined them in gold? 🙂 LOVE.


Project 3: Chain dip-dye

From hair to clothing, ombre is in. Why not give your jewellery an ombre overhaul too? Use your sharpie markers to colour the bottom of your metal chains for the dip dye look.


Last but not least, use it to sign your name! 🙂 It makes a really nice solid looking autograph!


Written by Zen

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