So, Blogger’s London Fashion Show is now over but I have London Fashion Week coming up! Rather excited as it’ll be my first time 🙂 And, like every true blue fashionista wannabe, I need a new outfit! Given that I’m on an unemployed person’s budget at the mo- i.e. no shopping- it’s a good thing I can DIY myself something 🙂

This is Attempt 1: the Hapiness, Wherever take on punk rock jewellery, with (literally) rocks & chains. I was very lucky that Bead Mixer & Darice both kindly sent me some samples which I was able to use for this post! Do visit them at

They have many unusual beads!

What you need:

  • Big AB plated nuggets– I used 19 but I have a chunky wrist 🙁 Keep in mind that you will need a longer length than usual if you use sizeable beads- ( was an idiot and skimped, so ended up having to redo the bracelet. 3 times! With my 1.2 cm by 2.2 cm beads, I had to add an extra 4 cm to the length!
  • 4+ silver chains, each 2-3 cm longer than the length of your nugget strand
  • tigertail wire- make sure this is at least 5 inches longer than the nuggets- tiger tail isn’t expensive and it’s better than restringing because you can’t get a good grip on your too-short wire!
  • 2 silver crimps
  • magnetic clasp- you can use a normal clasp but magnetic clasps make bracelets so much easier, especially if you live alone & have no one to help you! This bracelet’s quite hefty so get a magnetic clasp which has a strong pull, such as the ones on 🙂 (I once used a magnetic clasp that was too weak for the bracelet, and was really annoyed when I had to redo everything!!)
  • Pliers


Step 1

Slide the crimp then the magnetic clasp onto the tiger tail. Double the wire back into the crimp and use your pliers to press down firmly. Tug to check it’s set!


Step 2:

String all the nuggets onto the wire, then repeat Step 1 at this end (slide on a crimp, the clasp….)

IMG_5545 IMG_5546

Step 3

Use your pliers to open 1 link on 1 chain and link it to the magnetic clasp. (I do not recommend linking to the tiger tail as that slips out easily!) Repeat at the other end.

Do the same for the other chains, but instead of linking to the clasp (no space in the hook now!) link it to the first link in the first chain.

10 minutes later, you have a statement bracelet!


Written by Zen


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