Everyone says Blair is the Queen Bee, but she’s always seemed a bit too desperate to really be one, in my opinion. Serena Van der Woodsen, on the other hand- super hot and amazing outfits! Actually you know what’s desperately embarrassing? Being 32 and still aware of Gossip Girl! 😛 In my defence, it was the most trending # on twitter the other week….
Anyway, back to Serena stalking. According to Pradux, in Season 3 Episode 2, she was wearing this super cool Silvertone charm spike necklace, which you can viewhere

Given Serena’s budget, it’s highly probable that we wouldn’t be able to afford it. Not to mention, it’s probably no longer available since Season 3 was some time ago. So why not DIY yourself a look-alike? 🙂
You can spare 5-15 minutes! In fact this is so easy you can do it whilst watching Season 3, Episode 2 of Gossip Girl and spot the necklace for yourself 😛


What you need:

52 silver spikes + 1 (optional)

18 inch aluminium silver coloured chain

1 silver lobster clasp

54 silver jump rings




Double the chain in half. Open 1 jump ring, slide in a spike and thread it through the centre link of the chain then close the jump ring. It was so easy I actually used my hands instead of the pliers (but you need soft jump rings to do that)

Repeat with the link on the left… once you’ve added 25 spikes to the right, switch over to the right of the centre link and repeat 26 more times 🙂

To end, add a jump ring + lobster clasp to 1 side of the chain. To the other end, you can either:

  • add only a jump ring
  • OR add a jump ring with a spike threaded through it.

Personally, I find having charms hanging from the ring endings is what gives handmade creations that professional-esque finish 🙂
Now go enjoy your Queen Bee status 🙂


Versus the original, which has 2 layers of spikes:

Written by Zen

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