Jewelry should be pretty but practical. I find that bracelets are particularly tiresome to put on because it is very difficult to do up a clasp one-handed! You have magnetic clasps, of course, but they are pricey. Which is why I’m now exploring the usage of ribbons to finish up bracelets. Using ribbons even makes the bracelet adjustable in length- handy if you are making 1 as a gift!- and cheap as you can up cycle them from old shopping bags or old gift boxes.


What you need:

  1. at least 7 gold loop beads
  2. 3 plaited leather strands, each not quite long enough to go around your wrist (this bracelet looks better tight and if the leather is too long, after adding the clasp, it will be too loose)
  3. 2 jump beads
  4. 2 ribbon clamps
  5. 2 ribbons
  6. pliers


Step 1:

Slide 1 loop bead onto the 3 leathers. Slide the 2nd loop only onto 2 leathers, the 3rd onto all 3…. You could just slide all the loops over all the leathers, but I prefer the uneven effect that the former method results in 🙂 (shown below)


IMG_6072IMG_6071 Step 2

Fit the ribbon clamp over the end of the 3 leathers then use the pliers to fasten down. You might need to use the pliers to open the clamp wider before being able to clamp it onto the 3 leathers.

Repeat at the other end of the leathers.


Step 3

Use the pliers to open the jump ring and fasten it to the end of the ribbon clamp. Repeat at the other side.


Step 4

Slide the ribbon through the jump ring till it is evenly divided, then tie a knot.

Again, repeat at the other end!

All done. Perfect with jeans and some chunky rose-gold necklaces.


Written by Zen

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