What with Gossip Girl over, it seems there is no other fashion forward TV show to watch. According to Pradux (it lets you “shop your TV” so to speak), Pretty Little Liars is coming a close 2nd but it’s definitely not as stylish as GG. Nonetheless, it does have its moments, like this Joomi Lim Single Row Spike Choker worn by Mona Vanderwaal in Episode 17 of Season 4 (Bite Your Tongue). I do like Joomi Lim’s style, but it’s a bit on the pricey side (you can get it at Liberty’s in London) so I decided to DIY my own piece 🙂

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: About £5

Time: 5 minutes + overnight drying


What you need:

  • thick metal chain
  • big gold-coloured studs– studs of this size are hard to find but lucky for me Darice sent me some 🙂
  • 2 ribbons- i upcycled them from my Matches shopping bags. The original uses a lobster clasp finish but I find ribbons much more practical. You can adjust the length of the necklace to suit  your outfit AND it is easier to do up!
  • Glue- I used Z-poxy but most DIY-ers use E6000 (I eschew it because it is potentially carcinogenic!)

Step 1: 

Apply glue to 2 sides of the stud and slip the stud through the metal link such that each side with the glue adheres to the metal link. Hold in place for a minute then leave to dry. Repeat this every other metal link (so you have 1 link with a stud, 1 without, 1 with ….)

IMG_6167 IMG_6168Step 2

Slip the ribbon through the last link of the metal chain such that the link is at the centre of the ribbon then tie an overhand knot using the ribbon. Repeat with the other side.

Note: if I was redoing this, I would probably do the ribbons first then the studs so I can just leave the piece to dry instead of do it halfway, leave to dry and have to come back to finish up 🙂

Ready to party now! Mona paired it with a red strapless dress,but I’m curious as to how you would wear it 🙂 As for me, I’m pretty  much a jeans or leggings kind of girl. Now if I had a biker jacket, that would be just perfect 🙂


Styled: Kenzo denim jacket, Sandro white peplum tee & Joomi Lim inspired spike necklace by Hapiness Wherever

Here’s the original for your reference!

Written by Zen

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