After all day at a General Assembly WordPress course, I’m all burnt out and going to skip the small talk and go straight into the tutorial.

But the bright side is, after the GA class, this blog should look better soon!


What you need:

  • long silver chain- I used about 40″ but it’s really up to individual preference
  • 40 silver spikes
  • 42 silver jump rings
  • 42 irregular shaped crystals
  • 1 silver lobster clasp
  • pliers

Step 1

First up is to make the necklace. Open 1 jump ring and slip 1 end of the chain & i spike through it then close. The spike is optional but I think it gives that something extra to a necklace- makes it look more upmarket when the ending is not just a chain or jump ring but  a little charm 🙂
Then add a jump ring to the other end as shown below.

This is what you get! If you wanted to make a plain long silver necklace, you’re all set! But if you like bling (me!), continue on 😉

IMG_6284 IMG_6285

Step 2

This is the tedious part. Simple though. You open the jump ring, slide 1 spike & 1 crystal through then close it over the last link in the chain. Repeat every inch till you’ve done the whole necklace.


Continue on…

Eventually you get the following! It looks great with the Gossip Girl x Silvertone inspired spike necklace DIY, don’t you think? 🙂


Written by Zen


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