Have you ever had a bad hair cut? If it’s not made you feel like bursting into tears, I’d say no. When I was younger, my cousin would often have a fit of dramatics after a hair cut, to which I’d roll my eyes and think “SHEESH”. 10 years later, I totally understand how she felt! I probably traumatised all my friends with my crying pictures, wailing calls and random sobs in the middle of lunch!

Since hair is so important to us females- hey, it’s our crowning glory!- I thought a hair DIY round-up was due 🙂

Hello Whimsy’s Rodarte Inspired DIY star hair piece

I really admire how this piece is put together from easily-available materials which look tacky before but oh-so-nice after the DIY 🙂 Doesn’t hurt that gold goes really well with brown hair (I’m a brunette) 😛 This is 1 DIY I’m definitely going to try! Full tutorial and Photo credit to http://hellowhimsy.blogspot.jp/2012/08/diy-rodarte-star-hair-pins-tutorial.html


PS I Made This’s feather headband DIY

Now that’s a name I wish I had thought of first! Quirky and catchy 🙂

I’ve been sewing quite a few feathered items on the runways this season so I thought it’s time to finally include a PS I Made This DIY. Given what a DIY behemoth the site is, I’m surprised it’s not been included till now! 🙂 Photo credit to PS I Made This 🙂


All the Good Girls’ DIY Bohemian crystal chain headpiece

I’ve been meaning to do a headpiece DIY for the longest time but All The Good Girls beat me to it- by over 1 year 😛 This is a great piece for a festival and really easy to make too! Probably the only difficult thing is estimating the right size for your head 🙂 Full tutorial and photo credit to http://www.allthegoodgirlsgotoheavenblog.com/basic-blog-mode/2014/2/12/diy-bohemian-chain-headpiece


I almost didn’t shortlist this tutorial because it called for a curling iron. Then I figured well most girls do have them these days (I don’t!) AND this look is just too gorgeous!! Not to mention, Grace of The Stripe is really, really nice 🙂 I included 1 of her tutorials in my very first DIY round-up (Best hex nut tutorials), emailed her about it and she actually visited my blog and left a comment! Awww. Doesn’t she look gorgeous in the pic? Full tutorial and photo credit to: http://thestripe.com/2015/06/fishtail-braid-tutorial/


When I think Dutch braids, I think Heidi hair- you know that children’s story about the little blonde girl? I always imagine her with a crown of braids around her face. Cute, but not a style everyone can carry off. And yes I do know she’s Swiss not Dutch but same difference 😛 Apologies to all the Dutch and Swiss out there! 🙂 So I was really surprised by how stylish A Beautiful Mess’ version of a Dutch braid was. Full instructions and photo credit to: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2013/10/how-to-style-a-simple-dutch-braid.html


And, as with any fashion focused DIY round-up, I unfailingly include something from Honestly WTF. their styling is just gorgeous. The look is quite retro but still modern enough to be worn today! Photo credit and full tutorial on: http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-dolce-gabbana-vintage-brooch-headband/

Written by Zen