Spending your birthday alone. Although I’m all about independence, somehow the thought just seems a little sad. When I woke up on my 32nd birthday, I must confess to being a little down at the thought of a solo celebration even though I had 2 horse riding sessions lined up (Yay!). But luckily for me, I have great friends like Bruno & Tammy who remembered my birthday & took me out to afternoon tea! Despite being very different, we met and bonded through horse riding. Since then, I’ve always been able to count on Tammy to cheer me on, no matter what.

Tammy’s journey is so interesting- she used to be a professional dancer!- and you can read more about Bruno & her at: brunoandtammy.co

It’s also a great blog to check out for style inspiration- her house ALWAYS looks like it’s just been featured in an interiors magazine!


Isn’t Bruno cute? He’s very well-behaved too! Check out the hotel treatment I get when staying over at Tammy’s. My ver own bedroom slippers!!! & ironed sheets! I don’t even own an iron!


Breakfast was waiting when I got up! My favourite- chocolate cookie, YUM!

We had afternoon tea at Blakes Hotel in South Kensington. I decided to wear the Tom Binns inspired earrings that I’d made last year.


The setting was oh-so-whimsical & magical. Sitting in the Birdcage in the courtyard, with dried flowers cascading above us, it was as Tammy said, like being “in Wonderland”, I highly recommend trying it! Normally I’m more about the food than the ambience, but even without having tried the tea itself, I knew that this would be a tea that I want to repeat! And I’ve been for afternoon tea in many different places- Dorchester (celebrated my 30th there!), Ritz, Berkeley, Fortnum & Mason…- none were as special as this. (You have to ask for the Birdcage when you book- if not, you sit in the Suite which is pretty ordinary in comparison!)

IMG_5416 IMG_5406

The remains of the collaboration between Matthew Williamson and Rebecca Louise Law- I wish I had seen the flowers when they were still in full bloom! I imagine it must have looked very different, but nonetheless lovely in a different way!

But for you foodies out there, you’re probably more interested to know about the tea itself! We ordered afternoon tea for 2. Each person is served:

  • a pot of tea
  • a scone
  • sandwiches
  • chocolate cake
  • Strawberry shortcakqe-tart


It’s probably 1 of the lighter afternoon teas in London- what you see is the set for 2 people. Not a lot, but I think it works better that way- you can actually have lunch, tea and then dinner! With the Dorchester tea, for example, you need to set aside the whole afternoon just for it- and give up lunch & dinner 🙁 As for the quality of the food, the sandwiches were OK (nothing special but then I’m not a big sandwich fan!), the chocolate cake scrumptious (I love the nutty bits in the base of the cake- gives it more bite!), the scones a bit under baked (I prefer crusty scones- these had a soft exterior) and the strawberry tart uneaten (through no fault of its own- Tammy & I just don’t have sweet teeth!)


The cabbage is a gift from Tammy, for my burgeoning herb garden! Goes well with the watering can she gave me for graduation! 🙂

All in all, a marvellous birthday 🙂

Written by Zen


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