Must Love Dogs. Not so much when you’re trying to find a dog-friendly restaurant in London 😛 One of my London besties has an adorable little pup called Bruno, so we’re often looking for dog-friendly establishments to dine at.


Bruno enjoying my handmade quilt!

Thankfully for me, there are a few right in my ‘hood: Jaks, an informal Mediterranean cafe, to name one.

If you’re stuck for choice, here’s a list of the other places we’ve been to:

  • Lucios, Chelsea (Italian): expensive and so-so food but really nice ambience (sometimes their dog comes too- awwww)
  • Grazing Goat, Marylebone: nice gastropub with good food (next to Henry Root)
  • Kensington wine rooms: quite good food, tapas style so small portions



Nice ambience…


Good food …



Fusion dishes-  unfortunately small portions at not-budget-friendly prices. IMG_6256




Ambience: frill-free & extremely relaxed.

The decor is quite quirky and I believe it’s one of the places that would classify as a hole-in-the-wall- but with non-holey prices! I paid about £20 for the following main + 2 sides.


You basically order at the counter, then someone brings the food to your table, and you go to the counter to pay post-meal. Serving staff is extremely limited- I think they only have 1?- so don’t expect attentive service. Not that service is bad, it’s just not the kind of place that will notice when your water runs out. Unlike some other places, they will bring you tap water if you ask for it. Pet Peeve: restaurants that say OK but “forget”- three times in a row 😛

Food: For me, it’s hit and miss. But then, I prefer complex foods with rich flavours whiles Jaks keeps it simple and a bit on the bland side.

IMG_5202 They have a really wide selection of dishes, which is nice! 🙂

IMG_5198Lots of freshly squeezed juices to choose from. And the tiramisu is oh-so-creamy! Skip the cheesecake though- tastes as though it came out of a box from Sainsburys.


I’,m not opposed to going back- but wouldn’t travel into the area just for this!- and it won’t be my top choice. Much prefer Henry Root, down the a few roads! 🙂

Henry Root: a mussel a day keeps the doctor away!

The first time we went to Henry Root, a dog-loving pub with equally dog-friendly Maze Grill next door, I had the mussels starter- when ordered in the large portion, it’s a very hearty size that does well as a main. And it was DELICIOUS. I really, really, reaaaallly enjoyed it! I pretty much licked up every drop of the sauce 😛 In fact, I liked it so much I couldn’t stop thinking of it and promptly went back.

However, I was really disappointed- not because the 2nd time the food wasn’t good. But because they weren’t serving it anymore! Even though it was still on their online menu- grrrrrr.  So I ordered the prawn salad instead. It was not bad- they were generous with the prawns but it wasn’t filling enough. The taste was quite fusion because of all the peanuts (but not authentic enough to be truly Asian.) If I got this dish again, I’d definitely have it with a starter and dessert.


My Mom ordered the sea bass on noodles which she didn’t really enjoy. The fish was grilled well and tasty but she found the noodles too “saucy”. They used a lot of dark soya sauce so it was a bit salty but I think the main issue was she was expecting an Asian dish but it was really a Western take on an Asian dish, if that makes sense 🙂

They’re closed for a small renovation project this summer and I can’t wait for them to re-open so I can go back & finally have the mussels! 🙂 And, now with my tummy growling, I’m off to get some chocolate cookies from the fridge 🙂 Sigh, there goes my healthy living plan!! 🙁

Written by Zen

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