“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” said Virginia Woolf in A Room of One’s Own.

Hear Hear, I say! Good food is very important to me- I like dining in nice places, but if the food is not good, ambience is not enough for me! It’s the same for most Singaporeans, which is why you can see so many of us in hawker centres. So when Laduree opened its doors in Singapore, there was a huge queue for its macarons, as there always is when a famous international food establishment arrives. Unfortunately, it only carried macarons and not its full dining range, so 1 of the first things I did after moving to London was check out Laduree at Harrods for breakfast.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed. Again. Somehow, it seems very difficult to do a good brunch in London. I’ve tried a few places- Margaux, Beaufort House, Chiltern Firehouse… the only 1 that I would return to is Chiltern!

At Laduree, the interiors are pretty. You almost feel like you’re inside a French chateau. A little on the dim side though- I prefer places with lots of natural light :)- but I guess it’s the kind of lighting people call atmospheric.

Mom & I ordered the omelettes- how wrong can you go with that? Quite wrong apparently, when you forget the salt. I thought it was only British cooks do that? Apparently it’s catching, even with the French 😛 Even the truffle, liberally garnished on mine- YUM- didn’t help 🙁



I’ve never been back since 😛 If you want a good brunch, in lovely surroundings, I suggest trying Chiltern Firehouse instead. We’ve all heard about how difficult it is to get in, but so far, I’ve never had any trouble 🙂


One thing I did like- how it came with toast! 🙂


Written by Zen

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