If I was a character in the Iliad, I would definitely be one of the lotus- eaters. Lounging around, eating chocolates, being massaged at the same time… just enjoying life! Actually, according to my friends, that’s not too different from my life now 😛 All because I used to go for weekly beauty treatments. In London. On a student’s budget!!

Yes, it is totally possible! 🙂 And here are some of my tips on scoring that facial or massage on the house! 🙂 Even if you’re not based in London, you can Google similar promotions in your country and fingers crossed something will turn up 🙂

All year round: Liberty

Liberty’s a department store in London. The best one, if you ask me! It’s really quirky and… well, just different. From the exteriors (white with black timbers) to the brands they stock, they’re just that tiny bit different form other stores. You can always find cult brands, or products that are not currently being sold elsewhere there. But it’s not cheap!

Luckily, they have regular promotions ALL YEAR ROUND for their beauty department. The brands take turns holding facials or massages which are redeemable. All you have to do is pay £X (usually £50), which you can redeem against 2 of their products on the day of the treatment. And since we cleanse and moisturise every day, you can definitely find something you need.

My advise is to go to each brand and list the products that you want so that when the promotion is being held you know what to redeem. DO NOT BE SPONTANEOUS! I did that with the Sisley facial and ended up spending over £200 for 2 products! Always research prices and reviews first!

My favourite brands to go for treatments with are Dr Sebagh (I need their acne-busters!) and Ren (affordable products! I usually need to get 3 to make up the redemption amount!)

Avoid: Aveda (WORST service ever- review coming soon- therapist was over 2 hours late!) & Sisley (if you are on a budget or don’t want to be harangued by the SA)

For the full list of treatments, check out


Now & then: Selfridges

Other department stores, such as Selfridges, have similar promotions but irregularly. For example, Selfridges had a La Prairie redeemable facial offer in February where you paid a deposit of £50, redeemable against 2 products (definitely more than £50!). Good to check out if you want to have treatments by more mainstream brands. You won’t find La Mer or La Prairie in Liberty’s!

Note: put yourself on the mailer or make friends with the SA to be kept in the promotion loop!

Not too far: Fenwicks, Windsor

You can tell how addicted I am to free treatments when I’m actually recommending a place outside of London 😛 But Windsor is not too far away and a great day out! So why not visit for a day of sightseeing and then top it off with a relaxing treatment before heading back!  The cost of the train ticket is less than the cost of a treatment in London! 🙂

For more details, check out http://www.fenwick.co.uk/stores/events/beauty-treatments-september

They have a pretty comprehensive list! 🙂
Note: Fenwicks in London does not run the same promotions.

Written by Zen