Back in the days when I was a rich student instead of a poor unemployed person :P, Tammy recommended the Richard Ward salon in Chelsea. So off I went for a hair cut. I had graduation in a week so I was originally planning to do a simple trim, but along the way changed my mind and did a Big Chop. Big Mistake!!! Due to miscommunication, what I had seen as a short at the back, shoulder length in the front cut become a below-the-ears bob…. it was waterworks for a week! 😛 (Next time, don’t change your mind last minute AND bring a picture!!)

But there’s always a silver lining and, even through my tears, I noticed that my hair was very shiny after the cut & dry so I decided to get the shampoo that the stylist kindly recommended to me: Kerastase Cristalliste. Hmmmm I never realised I had thick hair! 😛 I wanted to get the set as I had heard that it’s better to use a shampoo & conditioner from the same range, but the stylist said to just try the shampoo first.

I liked that. It’s nice when they are not pushy 🙂

According to the website, the shampoo is “lightweight”,  “silicone, paraben and colourant-free”, leaving hair softer, smoother, easier to detangle and shiny. 2 months on, I’ve finished the bottle but not seen any positive effects on my hair. I don’t know whether it’s because I used the shampoo solo or because I don’t spend as much time blowdrying at home as they do in the salon, but I’ve never managed to duplicate the way my hair looked when I left the salon. In fact, there’s really no difference from my regular L’Oreal so I recommend buying that instead and saving the extra £12 😛

What I liked about the shampoo

It’s colourless!! I don’t think I’ve ever used a clear one before 🙂


Would I buy it again?

No. I’d use it if I was gifted it but I don’t think it’s wort the extra money. Instead, why not just get a L’Oreal or Pantene? They’ve gone down the paraben and silicon free route too and are cheaper but just as good 🙂


Written by Zen

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