I’ve been a DIY blog stalker for some time now and am always looking for good sites to follow. In case you share my passion, I’ve decided to compile a list of my faves- do let me know if you think I’ve missed some good ones 🙂 Weirdly enough, I’ve never actually tried doing any of the tutorials on these sites so right now this list is just a basic overview.




If you’re a DIY-aholic and you don’t know this site- shame on you! It has some of the most beautiful and inspiring DIY tutorial around! Despite having DIY-ed for many years, the 1st time I came across this site, I was amazed by how professional the end products were- Erica’s definitely lived up to her goal of creating high quality DIY tutorials! 🙂 If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the 1st tutorial of theirs that I came across: a transparent clutch– make me 1 of those! 🙂


What stands out? Great photography, clear step-by-step photo instructions and beautiful product styling make this site a joy. Honestly, some of the DIYs they feature are probably “Meh” alone but their amazing styling really brings life to the piece. Also, if you love designer goods and aren’t snobbish about reproductions, they often do good “covers” of catwalk pieces such as these Prada Rose earrings – think they were Spring 2014? Oh, and did I mention they provide links to sources for a lot of their DIY “ingredients”? Another DIY worry solved! 🙂


Any Cons? Beautiful as the tutorials are, some of them are, well, rather too convoluted to actually make- for my taste at least! Take the transparent clutch tutorial, for example- you need a wire cutter & a drill. Not sure about you but those aren’t exactly things I have lying around my house! And even if I knew how to use them, I’m not sure I’d wanna buy them for just 1 tutorial!

P.S. Love the name, don’t you? The first time my Mom saw it, her eyes nearly popped out 😛 Guess the name’s done its work 🙂



P.S. I MADE THIS  Probably the most famous DIY-only site around. I often visit this site for inspiration- but not for designs! Rather it’s Erica Domesek’s DIY career success that I’m in love with- PS I Made This is her full-time job and she’s collaborated with many big brands. (So far both our blogs were (co-) created by Ericas- is there something with Ericas & DIYs?!)

Why stop by? A fashion-forward site, the designs are all “on-trend” & follow what’s happening on the catwalks. They’re also colourful and fun, so why not? 🙂

Seriously, why not? I love up cycling and repurposing day-to-day items as much as the next thrifty person, but I draw the line at items that look, well, tacky. Not to be (too) rude, but if I’ve taken the time to make something, I’d hope that it’d be something that looks good enough to be worn and these plastic spoon (!!) earrings just, well, look plasticky??! Having said that, beauty’s in the eye of the beholder- maybe you’re looking at some of the stuff that I’ve made and going “WTF!?” 😛 Also, maybe I’m just being picky now but the pop-up box that appears EVERY TIME I visit the site asking me to sign up for the newsletter- when I already have!- is just annoying. Sorry.



Grace Atwood works for Baublebar “The Final Say in Fashion Jewelry”, so it’s no surprise that her site’s full of cool projects that totally rock an outfit!


What works? The tutorials often reference up & coming designers so is a great way to stay tuned into what’s happening in the jewellery world. (or maybe everyone’s heard of them but me!)


What doesn’t? Because the site covers many topics- from travel to beauty to life to DIY- there can sometimes be quite a long stretch in between the DIY tutorials.




Geneva is another FT blogger- sigh! On her site, there is a wealth of projects, from designer DIYs to travel and blogging advice – all captured by the most professional looking photography. Going through the projects, I often feel like I’m flipping the pages of a high fashion magazine! Her site differs from the others in that it offers more clothing DIYs.


Nonetheless… the fashion DIYs often call for a sewing machine- not in my DIY vocabulary! Or, not yet, at least! I’m just too lazy for anything more than glue & pliers 🙂



Swell Mayde

Another site with amazing photos and styling, I’m surprised Aimee isn’t blogging full-time! But then, she does have her dream job designing… 🙂
Any cons? Not enough DIYs!!! 🙂 The site seems to be moving away from DIY and more into lifestyle….




To wrap up, there are so many sites that I love but I think the point of a list is to be (sort of) concise. It’s not really helpful if I say “Here are my fave DIY blogs” then proceed to name every blog in existence, no? But just in case you’re craving more, here are a few others that I can’t resist 😛


Images courtesy of the respective DIY sites- thanks girls 🙂

Written by Zen

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