Am I being too thrifty by using these shells out of my seafood soup?! If you’ve been following my blog :), you’ll have heard all about my love for soondubujjigae and how I ate it 7 times last week. The 7th time, my soup came with this awesome looking clam shell and the DIY-er in me felt it would be a waste to throw it out.

So I decided to upcycle it into a lux looking home decor container 🙂 Which I now use to store my beads!

What you need:

  • 1 shell: if you don’t eat tofu seafood stew, you can always get them from the beach 🙂
  • sharpie (for a more even finish, use gold spray paint but as I don’t have an outdoor area, sharpie does well too 🙂 ) or you could even use gold nail polish but that would take longer to dry.
  • glue – I used Z-poxy but I’d really recommend a more fast setting glue as the weight of the top shell may counteract the glue if it takes too long to set.
  • pearl- optional. I hadn’t planned on using this but when I set the shell on the box, it looked like it really needed one!

Step 1:

Colour your shell gold using the sharpie. Soon you will get a beautiful clam that looks like it came from Pottery barn 🙂


Step 2

Apply some glue to the base of the shell- I chose the side with the imperfection/ chip- and press it onto the middle of the box’s lid. Leave to dry then dot some glue into the centre of the open shell and hold the pearl down there.

Makes a lovely table centrepiece 🙂 Try making a set of 3 containers of different heights- it’d look great together!

Note: make sure you wash the shell thoroughly before using! You don’t want to attract rats! I soaked mine in soap water for 3 days before doing this!


Written by Zen

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