I don’t understand affordable luxury- to me luxury is luxury & affordable, affordable. I like mixing both in an outfit- both in the same item? Hard to grasp for me!- but there’s no doubt that brands in this segment are doing extremely well. 10 years ago, I’d never heard of the brand Tory Burch but come 2015 and the brand is everywhere. She was even named in the Forbes 100 most powerful women list!

So I decided to Google some of her designs and came across her Cecily bracelet, which I though would be an easy DIY. You can view the original here.



What you need:

  • gold clasp
  • gold round pin
  • 2 gold jump rings
  • gold chain- about 6″ in length as it’s nicer snug against your wrist
  • gold flower charm –> if you do not have this, you can use a Sharpie or gold nail polish to colour a FIMO flower as I did. I’ve shown you the original flower next to the coloured flower above. Try to choose a yellow-orange flower so that any bits you don’t colour precisely will just blur in with the gold.


IMG_6311 IMG_6312

Step 1

Slide the round pin through the flower then make a loop at the end. Thread 1 end of the gold chain through then close tightly with the pliers.


Open the loop at the other end of the roundpin and slide the other end of the gold chain on.






Step 2

Cut the chain so that there are equal lengths on each side of the flower




Step 3

Open the jump ring and slide 1 end of the clasp in before closing tightly. Repeat at the other end with the other jump ring.


What do you think? If I say so myself, it’s pretty hard to tell that the flower bead isn’t actually gold plated!


Note: using Sharpie on some surfaces can have a sticky finish so use a clear layer of nail polish to paint over if that’s the case!



Written by Zen



Thanks! Yeah I’m so glad I gave in and bought one! 🙂 If not, gold nail polish or spray paint (but I find you need outdoor space for this which not all of us have) work well too! 🙂


Thank you! I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how popular this DIY is 🙂 Will try to come up with more projects 🙂


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