Eat, drink, blog and be merry. I may not have a passport or a car, but I can still enjoy life! 🙂 I never considered myself a foodie in Singapore- and still don’t in fact (I’d never queue for hours for food)- but after moving to the UK, I’ve been told I’m a big foodie SO many times. To me, wanting to eat tasty food – and not waste calories!- isn’t foodie behaviour, it’s a necessity!



My favourite flowers! Outside the Feathered Nest



The exterior looks ordinary but the food at the Feathered Nest is anything but!

1 Kingham, Cotswolds (1.5 hours from Paddington)

Check out Daylesford Cookery School – they have a collection service from Kingham train station so perfect for us Londoners who don’t have cars! At the end of your course, why not stop by the Feathered Nest in Nether Westcote for dinner? You’ll have to taxi but it’s not too far – the closest train station is also Kingham- and the food is well worth it. In fact, it may have been my best Western meal in the UK this year! I paid around £50 for 3 courses & no wine- not cheap but a dinner of the same standard in London would set you back over £100!



2. Whitstable

Oysters! Need I say more?  🙂

Only 1.5 hours from London Victoria (or Kings Cross) AND you get to hang out by the beach. Lovely!




3. Birmingham (1.5 hours from Euston)

This is a bit of a newcomer to any Day Trips from London list 🙂 What you might not know about Birmingham is that it has the largest number of Michelin restaurants for any Englsih cities besides London (4…) PLUS it has the widest selection of Indian & Asian restaurants in the UK. So why not give it a try?



Not from Denbies but still one of my fave wines- and I don’t even drink!

4. Denbies, Dorking (1 hour from Waterloo + 15 min walk to get your appetite going)

Before last Friday – when I attended the Billingsgate Seafood School’s Wine & Seafood course- I’d never thought of England as a wine producer. After the course, I was intrigued enough to do some research and it turns out that 1 of UK’s largest vineyards is a (long) stone’s throw from London. It’s definitely going on the List for a #bloggersdayout trip 🙂


5. I really, really wanted to make it 5- 4 just doesn’t have the same ring!- but I don’t want to recommend a restaurant that I’ve not personally tried yet. So let’s leave this as a placeholder, OK? 🙂

Written by Zen