Confession: When I first heard about Instagram, I thought it was the most narcissistic invention ever. A few months on, I’m a fanatic who’s obsessively checking my followers & always looking for the best places to take a beautiful shot. I hate how needy that makes me sound but it’s such a rush when you see all the likes coming in… Admittedly, I have less than 100 followers so I don’t know what I’m on about 😛 – it’s still fun though! You can check me out here, if interested 🙂

So I’m of the mindset, if you can’t beat it, embrace it 🙂 Here are 5 things I think make a great Instagram in St. Albans. And whilst you are there, you might as well enjoy the city! You can also read about how I spent my day there, with fellow blogger Corey 🙂

  1. Historic buildings

St. Albans was 1 of the towns fhat I recommended to history-lovers as a day escape from London– it’s only 20 minutes from Kings Cross- and it is chock-full of gorgeous historic buildings, from Roman ruins to Tudor fronted houses to the below. Very instagrammable 🙂


I love how the vines have grown all over the building’s facade. It looks even more amazing in reality!

2. Vintage cars

It’s not only old buildings you see, but cute old cars too. I would LOVE to have a vintage car one day, but for now I will settle for a vintage truck/van- if you have one for sale, contact me at 🙂



Even the flower shops are vintage trucks! 🙂

3. The churches

We were told St. Albans is full of cathedrals- and pubs 🙂 From the patterned floors, to the stone ceilings, they make great photos 🙂



St. Albans Cathedral


4, Actually, the pubs too!

We had lunch at The Blacksmiths Arms- it wasn’t good but the photos were! 🙂



If the weather is good, sit outside and have a drink! They have big swinging basket seats- heaven!

5. Roman Ruins

Something about ruins always makes for such an atmospheric shot. Sadly we didn’t make it there this week, but next time I’ll definitely get some good pictures there 🙂

Written by Zen