Today found me wandering over to Brighton. Except, I was trying to wander to Whitstable! It seems that Victoria station is divided into 2 sections- 1 part for Kent-bound trains and the other part for other regions in UK. Not knowing that, I flew onto the 10.37 train. But apparently there are 2 of those… Oops!


Walking down to the seafront, even with the sun shining brightly, Brighton looked a tad depressing and tired. Very different from what I remembered it to be. At 6, I had LOVED it…

P1000177Very apt graffiti for a seaside town! I wouldn’t mind seeing a mermaid myself 🙂


The beautiful old architecture of the Hotel Du Vin really stood out and I decided to ditch the plan and go in here for lunch instead. Surely such a beautiful place would also have beautiful food?!


Mussels: not quite as yummy as Henry Root or the ones we made at Billingsgate Training School but good enough 🙂 I was surprised there weren’t more fish options on the menu given that Brighton is by the sea!

P1000199Ate every last bite and almost drank every last drop of that broth! Decided to walk it off with a seaside stroll… 

But only lasted 5 minutes before I wandered back into town…

It seems I had inadvertently found The Lanes, 1 of the Top 10 things to do in Brighton. It’s a very quaint district, which mixes historical buildings, chains and pretty independent shops. I’d definitely re-visit if back in Brighton!


Next to Jamie Oliver’s, this old pub has the most amazing exterior!


Wandered over to the famous Royal Pavilion, beautifully set in a lush courtyard right smack in the city centre…


It’s definitely the most unique architecture I’ve seen in the UK- I can’t see why it’s Brighton’s #1 attraction. From behind these trees, I imagined myself back in Asia…



Then to North Laine… 1 thing about Brighton- it’s really compact! I got by without a map…


 It reminded me of Notting Hill & Carnaby Street in London…


Vegetarian shoes?! First I’ve heard of them 🙂 Makes sense though! If you won’t eat meat, why wear it?!


I love how quirky everything was..

P1000254 P1000248

This seems more apt as an ad for the Kinky Boots musical! 🙂

Soon it was time to go home. But not before I made my favourite stop

P1000244DIY supplies! Watch out for more DIY tutorials 🙂

P1000267Till next time

Note: I think half a day is sufficient for Brighton, which makes it a perfect leisurely day trip from London 🙂

Written by Zen


Tammy L Wong

Hi Zen! Your blog is truly energetic and inspiring! I love the shift to self-hosting! I enjoyed Wednesday Wanderings, and the most recent post on Brighton.

Keep it up! Looking forward to more!

Awww thanks babe! Am nearly dead from making the move to self hosting today! Still so many kinks to work out!

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