“Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.” (Anthony G. Oettinger)

It’s never easy, being left behind. As the years pass, I find myself looking back, every now and then, and wondering what I’ve achieved. Do you ever have the feeling you’re stuck in a rut? I do- all the time. My friends seem to be moving on, in their careers, in their family lives- promotions, marriages, children …. Me? I’m still unemployed & single. The best thing is, I don’t even want kids but it sometimes seems like a sign of how everyone’s lives are progressing and I’m just, well, left behind.

Which is what I love best about blogging and this “Week in the life of a FT blogger” post- besides hearing from my dear readers, of course :P- how it gives me a deadline to do stuff, instead of merely thinking about it all the time- like my visit to St. Albans, the tour of Billingsgate, London Fashion week…. – So I’m making it into a regular series. It even fits my alliterative scheme: Saturday Summary, or Something like that!

Saturday: The Birthday Continues

Liberty’s was having its annual beauty bag promotion- where you get a beauty haul if you spend £150 on beauty products- and I just couldn’t resist- this year’s gift was worth £350 after all! AND it had a Diptyque candle! Love. I took the chance to do a Sisley facial, redeemed 2 products with it, and left very happy with my new, full Liberty fabric bag.

Good things precede even better things and this was followed by a birthday dinner with an ex-colleague at the Real Greek, yum! We had actually interviewed for the same job and I always tease her about how unfriendly she was at the interview 😛 But they ended up hiring both of us, so all’s well that end’s well 🙂 8 years on, we’ve both left Sunny Singapore for Lovely London? (Trying to think of something that alliterates with London…)


Every birthday girl should have flowers!

Sunday: A New Me

I heard about the L’Oreal Academy from another blogger. They’re always looking for “models” for their students to practice cutting and colouring on, so Unemployed Tip 1 was to delete the number of my old hairdresser and give L’Oreal a call: lavender/ silver/ blonde hair, here I come!

Monday: Off to a Super Start!

Monday seemed to promise great things and I was invited by Cut Out + Keep to be 1 of their Fashion Superstars!!! How exciting! I think this may be the first time that I’ve been contacted first- instead of reaching out to get in touch with the brand/ company/ website. So look out for my interview, coming soon 🙂

Tuesday: Bloggers Day Out

In my blogging frenzy, I’ve been messaging all the London blogger groups on Facebook about getting together to do stuff- Corey was interested in doing a day trip together so off we went to St. Albans! First installment in the #hapinesswithoutapassport diaries 😛

IMG_5779 P1000114

Wednesday: Billingsgate Fish Market!

2 am start to the day….


I put on my apron and got to work!


Luckily the breakfast made it worthwhile. Would you believe this is my 2nd breakfast of the day and it’s only 9 am?! The first was laksa. Yummmmm.

Thursday: Guardian Duties

Tammy was away in Milan so I took her daughter, Summer, and Bruno out for dinner. Tried getting some Instagram shots as I hiked up the hill but they didn’t make the cut.


We went to a pub in Wimbledon (Dog & Fox) which was the fanciest one I’ve ever seen. Makes a great place for photo taking I think!


Bruno. Looking all cute and begging for cheese.

IMG_5994 IMG_5995

Have you ever had a brownie with cherries? It was not bad though!

Friday: Foodie Friday indeed

One thing they don’t tell you about blogging is how it leads to terrible back aches and shoulder aches. Or maybe I’m just getting old…?


Without budget for massage, thought I’d try a Stretch class at Barrecore instead. It was good but no different from rolling on a foam roller/ ball at home…. That was pretty much all we did in the 1 hour, with the instructor just working on her own kinks besides us, and not really coming around to check we were doing the “right” thing….

Followed by brunch with the girl- not girls as the other girl decided to be good and go to work 😛


Scallops & chorizo- delicious!  Beaufort House, Chelsea

IMG_6030The mains- crab risotto & linguine. Erm, I think the search for a brunch spot will continue…

What did you get up to this week? 🙂

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