I’ve actually had these butterfly charms for years- in silver (large), silver (small), and bronze! So I’ve made many pieces with them- to the extentΒ that I’ve actually gotten tired of seeing jewellery created with them πŸ˜› Since I got them early on in my DIY life, most of the stuff I made were pretty basic- simple dangles with a crystal at the end and so forth- and somehow I seemed to have gotten stuck into a rut when it comes to using these charms!

Happily, after staring at them for a bit :P, inspiration for this tutorial struck me πŸ™‚ I liked them so much I wore them out on the same day!


Project 1: golden butterflies

20140813_124228-1What you need:

– pliers

– 1 pair of bronze earring hooks

– 6 bronze eye pins

– 6 bronze butterfly charms

– 6 gold-coloured chains

I used 6 cm chains but you can vary it according to your preference. However, I think this works best if the chains are either very much shorter or very much longer than the length of the 3 butterflies πŸ™‚

20140813_124312Step 1: Make a loop

Thread 1 butterfly onto 1 eye pin and then use the pliers to form a loop at the other end. You may have to snip off some excess wire to get a suitable sized loop.

Before closing the loop, insert the earring hoop through to get the below left.

20140813_124410 20140813_125037 20140813_125240

Step 2: Make more loops

Insert the 2nd butterfly onto another eye pin. Use the pliers to form a loop at the top, thread the 1st butterfly through then close the loop. Repeat with the 3rd butterfly.

Step 3: Chain it

Use the pliers to open the loop at the bottom of the 3rd butterfly and thread 3 chains through before closing the loop tightly.

Repeat Steps 1 to 3 to make the other side.



Project 2



What you need: – 2 silver oval beads – 2 turquoise wooden beads – 2 silver butterflies – pair of earring hooks – 4 eyepins & 2 headpins – pliers (you can use the base of this pair of pliers to cut wire, but if that’s not possible with your pair, you’ll need cutter pliers as well) Tip: try to use metal coated plastic so that your earrings aren’t too heavy. Likewise, although any turquoise coloured beads work, wooden ones are less taxing for your ears πŸ™‚


Step 1: Thread it

Thread the silver bead through the headpin then use the pliers to make a hoop at the top (you may need to cut off excess wire). Before closing the hoop, insert an eyepin through.20140919_113634 20140919_113714

Step 2: more threading

Insert the butterfly through the eyepin then make a hoop at the top, before closing the eyepin, insert a 2nd eyepin through. Thread a turquoise bead through that eyepin.20140919_113754

Step 3: hook it

Make a hoop at the top of the turquoise bead, insert 1 earring hook through then close it. Repeat for the other side- but why in the same order? Mix it up! πŸ™‚ assymetric earrings rock πŸ™‚



Written by Zen


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