Style Hurricane’s plumbing bracelets

Using hardware in jewellery making is not a new idea, but these bracelets really do look professionally done! Which is why this is the only DIY in the round-up that doesn’t come with full instructions- the link to Moody magazine doesn’t bring us to the actual DIY- but I figure it’s simple enough. Get flat leather cord and some plumbing supplies, then glue together. A little work for a lot of style. Photo credit to



Thanks I made it rhinestone cuff

The cuff base is easily obtainable from stores such as Primark, New Look, Forever 21… and shoe clips- do a good deed and pop into your local charity shop! :) This bangle would work really well with denim jeans and a simple tank! Full tutorial and photo credit to

diy-deco-cuff copy


Honestly WTF DIY wrap bracelet

Lol, you know, a few years back I actually made something similar (without having seen this DIY) but didn’t do anything about it. Now if I had blogged about it… who knows where this blog might be today :) (This DIY has 29k likes on FB!) Shows you how important it is to get out there and DO Stuff! :)  My great failing is that I love procrastinating and doing things “in my own time”… Woulda, coulda, shoulda…. 😛
Full tutorial and photo credit to the amazing:



Almost Makes Perfect

These elegant, simple earrings remind  me of the Scandinavian, minimalist-chic pieces that we often see on HonestlyWTF. Love them! Full tutorial and photo credit on



A Pair & A Spare’s rhinestone earrings

I’ve been blogging in secret from my friends but, this week, I gave in and told one of them (Yvonne) about it. When she visited the site, her 1st comment was “you really like bling.” To be honest, I’m not sure how it’s evident from the first page, but I guess since these jewelled statement earrings are in my Top 3, Yvonne may have a point 😛 Full tutorial and photo credit on



Minted Strawberry Anthropologie inspired dagger earrings

The best thing about this DIY is that it’s made from popsicle sticks! Which immediately resonated with me, as I had 3 sticks of Magnum last week and was just wondering what I could DIY with the ice-cream sticks! :) Full tutorial and photo credit to the lovely Aki at



The Stripe‘s (previously Stripes & Sequins) DIY Neon Tassle necklace with Holst & Lee

Looks amazing, no? Photo from and full tutorial on Thanks Grace for letting me use your photo :)




Hexnut & glitter earrings

Most of the hex nut DIYs out there are for bracelets and, to be honest, they get repetitive after a while so I was pleasantly surprised to see this hex nut earring DIY :) Pretty chic don’t you think? Kudos (and photo credit) goes to Vanessa at Cafe Craftea- do check out her website on



Hexnut bracelet DIY

Maybe the most re-pinned, re-posted, re-created hex nut DIY out there? Photo credit and full tutorial on


So that’s it. What do you think? Hopefully you’ve seen something new today :)

Note: in case it was not clear (?!), all photos on this post belong to their respective websites and were NOT by me. (Boo hoo for me :P)


My Dubio’s DIY marble jewellery

Marbling is so huge these days, it’s even spilled over to DIY marbled jewellery. Sounds cheesy but as shown below looks really classy when matched with the right pieces!  Doesn’t hurt that the model is model-slim too :) I find the Parisian chic look always looks better with a slim build- alas for me! 😛 Credit for the amazing photo and full tutorial on



My White Idea DIY: Sophie Bille Brahe inspired pearl earring

I first came across Sophie Bille Brahe 2 years ago- turns out 1 of my friends had helped her launch her line!- and since then I’ve loved the simple, minimalistic chic look of her pieces. Apparently, so does My White Idea DIY, who’s come up with this easy DIY tutorial. It was so simple, initially I didn’t even realise the blog was in Spanish! Full tutorial and photo credit to




A Birds Leap: Pearl crown

This DIY not only looks summery & gorgeous, it takes me right back to my University days. When I was studying in St. Andrews, I used to do a lot of wirework and made quite a few similar pieces to sell! I was actually stocked in a few galleries in Edinburgh & St. Andrews! :) Full tutorial and photo credit to

DIY Beaded Pearl Crown Headpiece 1



Love Maegan’s versatile pearl hair accessory

I really love how simple & elegant this pearl hair tie is. It can be used as a hair accessory, a lariat and even a belt- my favourite type of project- multi-functional! I wonder if the black and white will be as striking on a brunette as a blonde, though? Full tutorial and photo credit to

low twisted ponytail with pearl ribbon

Frieda & Nelly DIY earrings

As Social Media Manager for Bauble Bar, Grace of The Stripe is always in the know about the jewellery world. I’d never heard of Frieda and Nelly or Lee + Holst before visiting her site! I really like its new look and this is 1 of my favourite tutorials by her. Photo credit and full tutorial on



Chic Steals spike necklace

Our style is always evolving and, after moving to London, mine seems to have morphed into silver-studs-spikes. Probably why I’m heart-ing this amazing sliver necklace by Chic Steals. It goes with anything but for full effect- definitely set it against a darker colour! Photo credit and full tutorial on



Macrame knot necklace

Made with macrame, this necklace is totally different in style. but you’d definitely get your fair share of attention wearing it! Photo credit and instructions on


Zip ring

If you read my blog regularly, you may remember this ring from the statement ring post. (I’m in culling mode and getting rid of some old posts!) It’s a clever little DIY from Fashion On Blog. I really like how Dana has repurposed old zips here! But I’d probably pair it with other rings, or a bracelet, when styling it.

Full tutorial and photo credit to:

Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY


Chunky tassel earrings

This look is fierce! I think it’s the 2-tone tassel that makes all the difference. Kudos to Trinkets in Bloom. Check on how to make it & photo credit to



Geode ring DIY

Geodes are druzys are super hot at the moment, so this amazing geode ring DIY by Swell Mayde is really on-trend! :) It should be pretty easy to get the rocks from any new age or crystal shop. Doesn’t the gold make it look oh-so-stylish? Sharpies are my new DIY love :) Photo credit and full tutorial on:


Colourful bracelet DIY

Summer’s coming to an end but who says we need to start dressing drearily?! Channel some colour with The Stripe’s bracelets– how to & photo credit to



Dylanlex DIY necklace

One of my favourite Dylanlex knock-offs inspired DIYs around is this piece by Honestly WTF. I really like how you don’t need special parts for this piece- you just need to combine your old necklaces and, of course, everyone’s version will come out slightly different! As long as you combine necklaces with enough heft to them together, the end product will definitely be eye-catching. Photo credit and full tutorial on:



Rhinestone statement necklace DIY

This gorgeous creation by Swell Mayde has long been on my list of favourite DIYs. It looks like something that could be selling for £100+ in a shop and isn’t difficult to make at all! The rhinestone pattern really draws the eye and can glam up even the simplest of T-shirts! Photo credit and full tutorial on


Oscar de la Renta lookalike bracelet

I love Oscar de La Renta but can’t afford anything from him- yet! In the meantime, there’s always DIY 🙂



Bean neon necklace DIY

That’s right, you didn’t read it wrongly. This necklace is made of beans! But unlike other such projects, it doesn’t look amateurish or kiddish at all! Which is why I’m wrapping up today’s DIY round-up with High on DIY. Isn’t it just amazing? Makes me want to do a pasta DIY jewellery piece! Photo credit and full tutorial on:

Now you know what to do with all the beans which you’re not sure are still edible!! 😛




Written by Zen