A month ago, Ntina of HappyGirlycrafty  and I decided to both do a tassel project. I was so enthusiastic, I thought of 2 different projects, the tassel hairpin and this tassel earrings. Plus I was really lucky as Darice had just sent me some tassels to work with 🙂 They have the most awesome supplies- I managed to find things I couldn’t get in the UK- and once I’m done with what they sent me, I’m definitely ordering some! Actually, after making this, I thought it’d work very well as a tassel necklace too, so maybe that counts as 3 projects? 😛

What you need:

  • 6 flat round beads- what do u think of these polka dotted ones?
  • 2 tassels 
  • pair of earring hooks
  • 6 roundpins
  • pliers
  • 2 jump rings (optional- only needed if your tassels can’t fit into the head of the round pin)





Step 1

Slide 1 round bead onto 1 round pin, then use your pliers to bend the wire close to the top of the bead and make a loop. Before closing the loop, slide on the earring hook then close firmly.



Step 2

Repeat with another round bead but instead of attaching it to a earring hook, attach it to the piece from Step 1. Do this again with the 3rd bead, then use your pliers to open the jump ring, slide the tassel on and attach to the end of the 3rd round pin. 1 side of your earring is now complete.


Repeat the above steps to make the other side and you have your long dangling earrings. I kinda think this would work nicely as a pendant on a long silver chain- what do you think?

IMG_5466 IMG_5468





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