That would be Debenhams and not Deborah, btw 😛




I was really lucky to be invited to a Baking event at Jenius Social with Debenhams and Kenwood at the end of September. It was my first event with them so I was really excited! I was also a little nervous as I hadn’t touched baking equipment in over 20 years – I only did super simple recipes like this 10 min cookie one – and didn’t want to

  1. break a mixer (I once broke a key- metal- so it is highly possible)
  2. have the baking mix explode over my fellow bloggers (anyone else, it’s OK :P)
  3. generally look like an idiot



As the 1st to arrive, I had my pick of the Ashley Thomas designed aprons. Aren’t they gorgeous? After much deliberation and probably annoying everyone, I decided to go with the red one!



It was only when I came back to work on the post that I realised Debenhams has boxes to match the apron! I think I’ll get some for the new place when I finally move in November. Excited! There’s even a matching weighing machine- sweet!



Other bloggers started drifting in- it was great to make new blogger buddies and tick off 1 of my 2015 resolutions.

Then it was time to get down to business! Hannah & I found ourselves on the same team but, alas, we are both baking-challenged. Luckily, the Kenwood mixer was so easy to use we had no problems and figured it out without a manual. Whew!





Look at all that energy stirring that granola mixture!


Luckily we also had the Kenwood hand mixer to save us some work! (You can use either the hand mixer of the standing mixer)



The lovely Nina, hard at work!


We made chocolate chip cookies, granola cookies, honeycomb (so easy but amazing- sharing the recipe next week!), tempered chocolate… busy, busy! But the best was yet to be and before the night ended we had a cupcake decorating competition. I’m sure everyone wants to see the amazing creations all us creative types came up with, right? Unfortunately, my phone AND my camera both died right at this point!!!! (Definitely time to upgrade from a iPhone 4…)


I couldn’t believe it when Ashley announced that MY CUPCAKE HAD WON the competition and I was going to be sent a Kenwood standing mixer as the prize. Wooo Hooo! Best thing to happen to me all year (almost :P) – I can’t remember the last time I won something! I even got to choose a colour for the mixer as they have it in a whole range, but to see what I chose, stay tuned for my baking adventures, starting next Foodie Friday 🙂


We were all given a huge cake box to bring home our cookies, cakes & cupcakes, so I was going to take a photo of my creations once home but on the way back I met a homeless man who lives near me and he looked so hungry that I decided to share my goodies with him 🙂
Big thank you to Debenhams and Kenwood for this amazing event!



Door Gift. I’m a lucky girl. Can’t wait to share the recipes I come up with using this next Foodie Friday!



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