When you have a friend with a dog, you realise how few restaurants in London allow dogs. It’s definitely good to know before I adopt my own boy! And in the name of research, I’ve compiled the best dog-friendly restaurants along the district line, Part 1 (as per the order on the tube map). I prefer recommending places that I’ve visited so some stops are missing but I promise to fill them out ASAP 🙂


Note: Bruno’s really small so I’m not sure if these restaurants have a size restriction. If your kid is big, you may wanna ring them to check first!


High Street Kensington

Milestone Hotel London- this is the only place on the list that I’ve not tried, but really want to! 🙂


Maybe they have macarons…

Notting Hill Gate

Kensington Wine Rooms- yum! Love their padron peppers!



The Commander Porterhouse-  food was OK, nothing special but worth a stop if you’re peckish with your pooch in this part of town.


South Kensington 

I’m not sure if this part of town is food-ier or I just hang around here more but there seem to be more dog-friendly spots!

Jaks– the food is healthy but sometimes a bit too bland. The tiramisu is yum though!

Blakes– try the afternoon tea in the bird cage! Highly recommended.


Gloucester Road

Lucios – good portions but the food needs a bit more salt. If you’re lucky you can play with their pooch!

Maze Grill – Decent food but big prices + small portions so only if you are a small eater. On the bright side, they bring your doggie his own bowl! 🙂

Henry Root – my favourite dog-friendly pub in the ‘hood!


Sloane Square

Polpo- honestly I think it’s way overrated and the food’s not great but, well, they allow dogs! 😛



Thomas Cubbitt- just discovered this week. Great decors, great food & cute wait staff! 🙂 (Not sure whether that’s an un-PC term? If yes, do tell me what I should use instead! No offence meant 🙂 )



Written by Zen

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