East Putney

Prince of Wales was the only 4 starred eating place near the East Putney tube that I could find so if you know of something better, please do let me know 🙂 There’s nothing I hate more than bad food (not saying their food is bad since I’ve never tried it, just saying I want to try the best restaurant there possible, not to be too demanding :P) since it’s wasted calories! 😛


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One of my favourite meals in London, also along the District Line- check out Eating Along the District Line, Part 1 🙂


Putney Bridge

Enoteca Turi– I’m going to sound awfully ignorant when I say that I thought this restaurant was Italian at first!- but with 4,5 star ratings on Trip Advisor AND Open Table, it seems like a must visit for this #hapinessalongthedistrictline series 🙂 Weirdly enough Time Out gave it 3 stars only… we shall see!
Given the river side location of Putney Bridge, I’m making it my mission to find a good place to eat with a riverside view so keep coming back for Foodie Friday: Eating Along the District Line 🙂



I like how it comes with the purple rice 🙂 Makes me feel healthier 😛 The soup was nice & spicy. Yuuuum

Parsons Green

Instead of Gaon in South Kensington- which you can reserve for a special occasion (great ambience, and GREAT prices. Oh and teeny portions :P)- go a little further for Korean food with no msg. Hamgipak is not fancy but it has one of the best ambience of any Korean restaurant I’ve been to in London (excepting Gaon, Gogi & Jinjuu) and is cheap. A meal of soondubu jjiage (soft tofu stew) + japchae which cost me £28 in Gaon cost me £12.50 at Hamgipak! 🙂 The japchae was sweeter and softer than I was used to – I like mine al dente like pasta 😛 – but still delicious

Note: Although Hamgipak says it doesn’t use MSG, I still found myself pretty thirsty after the meal. But it was still good enough for me to think of going weekly 🙂 At least.


Fulham Broadway

Visit Harwood Arms, the only Michelin-starred pub in London. Be warned, it’s all about British produce so the food is very game-y. I went with 2 friends and found it OK but not spectacular- probably because I had the fish. What was I thinking?!



West Brompton

Almost gave up on this one when the top places on Tripadvisor only had 4 stars (I only accept 4.5 stars & above :P) but a little more trawling found me Brownie Box and as a chocoholic without a sweet tooth – I only like chocolate. And Ice cream. And cheesecake. – I knew it had to go on my list!




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