I can’t take the London Tube. Literally. The steep drop of the escalator makes me dizzy and I feel like fainting- not really a sensation you want to experience 3 storeys up in the air! For some reason, people are flabbergasted when they hear this but surely I’m not the only person who suffers from vertigo in London?!
OK, so I exaggerated a little- I can take the tube to any stop where the escalators are less than 2 storeys high- I’m quite the expert at gauging the exact length of an escalator now :P- or which have a lift. I’ve lost count of the number of times I got out of a train at a new station,  looked at the escalator and had to take the tube back- to find a stop that I can get out of! Which is why the Circle & District lines are my 2 favourites in London- they are mostly overground- and so I thought I’d share my favourite foodie stops along these lines with you 🙂


District Line, Zone 1: Part 1


Earl’s Court

For Thai:

Instead of Patara, try Addy’s – their grilled pork neck is scrumptious!


High Street Kensington

For ramen:

Instead of Wagamama (EWWWWW), try Bone Daddies (it’s a Westernised ramen but still better than Wagamama!)


Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.52.54

Notting Hill Gate

For Mediterranean: Instead of Jaks, try Ottolenghis – so good I’m even willing to queue! I’ve had the tuna (above) EVERY time!





For Chinese:

Instead of Royal China, try Gold Mile or Four Seasons – their duck is famous!






For Singaporean- Malaysian (South East Asian?):

Instead of Singapore Garden (pricey & avoid their rojak and Singapore Crab), try Satay House  (cheaper)- note that it’s really crowded so you should book in advance and be prepared for the bad acoustics! Oh how we Singaporeans suffer for our food!



Note: now closed, sadly

Edgeware Road

For Thai:

Instead of Busaba Eathai, check out the Heron- it’s where all my Thai friends bring me to. Aroi mak mak! 🙂 Beware though- it is Thai level spice!! 



Written by Zen

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