I have a train in 30 minutes but this DIY is so easy that I managed to knock it up before heading off (to Winchester!) So why not give it a go and make your own Lu Lu Frost Ladyship bracelet? Here’s the original for reference (I actually got confused and thought this was the one I had made when I found it on Pinterest!!!)





All you need:

  • rhinestones (enough to form a 7″ length around your hand)
  • 4 gold chains, in different sizes – ideally I would use 1 thick, 2 medium & 2 thin chains but I only had a medium & thin chain so I used 2 of those instead. It’s all about improvisation! 🙂
  • wire (ideally gold but again I only had black)
  • 2 ribbons- I got these off old shopping bags- I prefer ending bracelets with ribbons instead of a clasp as it means you can be more flexible on the length AND it’s easier to tie on 1 handed!
  • pliers


IMG_6375 IMG_6376

Step 1

Slide the ends of all 4 chains onto the centre of 1 ribbon then knot it.

Repeat at the other end and you actually get a bracelet already- just sans the bling. If you don’t like dazzle, stop here. If not, continue on!





Step 2:

Thread all the rhinestones onto the wire.


IMG_6381 IMG_6382

Leave a 2-3 cm length at the end, form a loop and loop it around the end of all 4 chains (where they meet the ribbon)- this makes it more secure then if you just loop it around 1 chain. Twist the excess wire around the main wire and use the pliers to tuck the end in so you don’t scratch yourself.


Repeat at the other end- make sure you have the wire tight so that the rhinestones don’t jiggle about.


If your rhinestones won’t hold still, don’t fret! You can either, add a touch of glue in between them to hold them in place OR you can use your pliers to twist up the excess wire so that the rhinestones are all nice & tight against each other.


Done! Vintage style bling for the festive season! Oh and did I mention the original costs USD144? 🙂

Written by Zen


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